BC's First Impressions: Heavenly Sword

Heavenly Sword promises to be the first epic exclusive game for the PS3. With huge battles and bone breaking attacks galore. An engaging story packed with emotion is also promised. Is this all too good to be true?

Taking a peek at the trailers, one might think from the combat that is shown, that Heavenly Sword is a God of War clone. Heavenly Sword looks like a more cinematic God of War filled with even more intense action sequences. Even the action sequences bear a resemblance when it requires you to fulfill a button pressing mini-game. Can Heavenly Sword supply us with something new and original?

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The Real Joker4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

I don't know about new and original but I do love scantily clad red heads beating the ever-loving sh1t out of people. Its a must own for me.

skitzoid4018d ago

That was great. I love red heads in general so I was sold out of the gate on this one.

xaphanze4018d ago

why is it that all the enemies look the same?

Kokoro4018d ago

i was thinking the same thing. all with the same turtle back and scarf

1ben24018d ago

in armies in general, do some soldiers wear different outfits ?
different class of ennemies = different outfits...all makes sense...

Bebedora4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

they couldn't fit so much textures on a blu-ray </joke>

ChanDangle4018d ago

Hmmm why does everyone in the military dress the same?

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Captain Tuttle4018d ago

He mentioned "God of War" more times than he mentioned "Heavenly Sword".

okcomputer4018d ago

lol funny observation. I really don't get the incessant god of war comparison. Its not like god of war is the only game to ever feature sword based combat vs multiple enemies. So by that standard is every fps a doom clone? Is every rpg a final fantasy clone? Is every platformer a mario clone etc..

ShiftyLookingCow4018d ago

if anybody here who wants Heavenly Sword is going to get Madden also get it from Toys R Us, its covered in the 50% off for second purchase deal.

razer4018d ago

However I'm still skeptical with that horribly boring 6min gameplay video with the arrows.. 1 enemy at a time lining up to be shot and just seemed like poor AI all around.

Demo was great.. Why can't I jump?

riqued4018d ago

L1 + /\ + Sixaxis up = better than a simple jump

ShiftyLookingCow4018d ago

couldnt disagree with you more

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