Wii Success Making Component Suppliers Rich

The dominance of Nintendo's Wii in the console market has been well-documented as the company rides high on a wave of unprecedented profitability and popularity, but what of the other companies involved in the gaming phenom's success?

It's well known that one of the cornerstones of the house that Wii built is the motion-sensing Wiimote controller; considerably less so that sizeable chunks of the funds it generates are flowing to the US and Europe.

The Wiimote's acceleration sensor comes from US firm Analog Devices, while the corresponding device in its Nunchuk controller partner is made by Italian-French joint venture STMicroelectronics, both of which are expanding on the back of Nintendo's money-spinner.

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MK_Red4058d ago

Well, when Wii is a bare bones machine that you even have to pay for its browser and all kinds of other useless components like Wii Wheel, Wii Zapper and WiiFit, then I guess thats good for suppliers while PS3 has most of needed components built-in.

ItsDubC4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

Nobody HAS to buy the Wii Wheel, Wii Zapper, or the WiiFit balance board. Those are bundled w/ games and therefore aren't needed components. The article was obviously about components common to every Wii console, which is why the companies that produce those components are profitable. I don't even see why you would take this opportunity to tout the PS3.

I would have expected a higher-quality comment from someone w/ so many bubbles.

unsunghero284058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

MK_Red, how did you wind up with so many bubbles with all the hate?

BrotherNick4057d ago

He's with the "wii is not next gen" group that's so popular.

Fux4Bux4058d ago

Yeah well when you're selling what amounts to a rehashed Gamecube for $250 (MORE than GC launched for 6 years ago).... then someone is going to be making a lot of money. God damned rip off....

ItsDubC4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

lol sorry, the article was in reference to the Wii components that AREN'T in the GC. Nice troll post tho.

Rooftrellen4058d ago

You honestly thing that the Wii is just a GC with better controls? And on top of that, you think that the people making the GC/Wii parts just decided to raise their price at the time the Wii started being made, leaving Nintendo with the same profit?

Of all the crazy things I've heard, that's the craziest.

First, the Wii is totally different from the GC. It's not a GC 2.0. Heck, if you notice, the Wii is the only next-gen console that really changed its name. Those who like to compare the Wii to the GC are really bashing Sony and Microsoft more than Nintendo, because at least Nintendo was smart enough to change the name of their console. Sony just named their new console PS3(.0).

Then, Nintendo is making a profit off consoles. That says something for the value they bring to the table, actually. Sony is charging $500-600 for the PS3 and is losing a lot of money, and Microsoft is about breaking even, and they're much more expensive. Nintendo was smart enough to see that no one wants all the extra stuff that people are cramming into their boxes, and they give us a game system, just as advertised. Thank goodness they didn't make a $800 game system and sell it for $600!

As for the technology in the Wii, though, since I know people who believe it's just a GC, I have to say this to you. GC is 6 years old, so the Wii is using 6 year old technology. The modern analog stick is 11 years old, and first introduced on the N64. The PS3 and 360, therefore, use technology that is twice as old as the Wii uses.

ThisIsWaiting4058d ago

that could give 2 squirts about this little plastic turd?