Bioshock began "on a tropical island with Nazis"

Bioshock senior designer Joe McDonagh has been taking more about the birth of the 360 and PC shooter that's been getting many gamers a bit uncomfortable under the collar. For those among us with really good memories, Bioshock started out as something quite different as McDonagh explains...

"Every studio has its own dynamic, but we believe that original games require a lot of iteration and sudden changes of direction," McDonagh told CVG. "It can be terrifying and ageing at times. But it's impossible to sit down at the start of a project and say this game will be XYZ and it will be fun. Bioshock for instance started out on a tropical island with Nazis.

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Omega Kaze4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

Well I need to obtain this game. I mean come on what more could you ask for?

Maybe if there were ninjas or space.

MartinLande: get this ninjas, pirates, robots, AND cowboys, yeaaaaahh thats right. Oh I went there

Waffle-boy4058d ago

...Halo started as a Hello Kitty RTS, so this aint surprising. :p

Omage Kaze: How 'bout a "Pirated AND Ninjas vs Robots" game. That would be great.


Daxx4058d ago

I love reading articles about how developers have an idea for one of their games but they just totally redo everything changing their game into something completely different from their original idea.

ShiftyLookingCow4058d ago

could have been a far cry clone with super powers but now look what it has become

Syko4058d ago

Ya I have heard it "Might" be a good game. LOL

Can't open my front door without tripping over the wake of perfect 10's this game is throwing up.

MK_Red4058d ago

Good find. Its really funny, from lone island with nazis to underwater city with unknown monsters.

ShiftyLookingCow4058d ago

not to mention morality twisting little sisters.

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