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Sony's Patrick Seybold Makes Dig Against Live Price Increase, Outlines PSN Free Services

Earlier today, Microsoft announced they would be increasing the price of Xbox Live on November 1st and reactions have been mixed over the announcement. In a release from Microsoft, they made mention of some new features Live would introduce later this year to make Live worthwhile and show they are expanding the service with these new features. Sony's Patrick Seybold is now making a slight dig at Xbox Live. (PS3, Sony, Xbox 360)

Hallmark Moment  +   1865d ago
LOL Sony is worried, they should know better after charging for PSN because the service can not evolve without money.
Motorola  +   1865d ago
Keep defending it. It wont be long before they pull a stunt that you cant defend. And its not a pun, he cant speak for all of Sony. So fix the title or gtfo
ChineseDemocracy  +   1865d ago
Halo Reach release in less than 2 weeks, from a business standpoint this is genius.

Unless they're adding some new features this makes no sense whatsoever, screwing over their customers again. Try and hold on to your exclusives next time Microsoft.
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OSU_Gamer  +   1865d ago
Although it sucks that MS is raising prices, they have quite an understandable reason for doing so:

Supply and Demand

People are willing to pay for it and demand the service so MS will keep raising the price.

Like I said, I completely hate the fact that MS is doing it because it costs me more money, but truth is....I will probabaly keep buying it.
Chubear  +   1865d ago
^^^ & Hallmark - WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!
You guys will defend ANYTHING from MS to the death uh? WOW!

THIS is a good move? and great thing for 360gamers? REALLY?!?!? wow, just wow.
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NYPunkster  +   1865d ago
Oh snap Patrick just clowned Live users. muahahaha
Philoctetes  +   1865d ago
Yes, I'm sure Sony is terrified that its competitor raised the price it charges for a feature that Sony offers for free.
darthv72  +   1865d ago
it's not sony that should be worried
While they can make a dig at this situation, it also gives them ideas that raising costs of the membership is not totally out of the picture. They could raise their membership price to match and in doing that, make it seem more worthwhile in the process by making the free side a bit more restricted.

The more you take away from the free side and make it seem more like perks for the members, the more it makes the free side not as attractive. It isnt sony that is worried but the free members and current paid members are the ones that are worried.

Both companies are after the same $$$ and will make their paid services look as appealing as they can to justify the prices. MS just happens to be a bit more direct about it.
SpitFireAce85  +   1865d ago
Prime example why Microsoft will increase XBlive
pricing.And why devs put out DLC that should have
been on the disc in the first place or how they
sell you rehashed maps that you played a year ago...

Hey Hallmark some of us have more important things
to pay for like Medicare,electric bill,mortgage etc
bustamove  +   1865d ago
Brb...lol'ing at your comment now. Yeah, Sony's worried alright. They have to worry about a tiger, some creepy kid named Milo and some weird tech that doesn't even work correctly. Oh yeah, and XBL.

Sure. Cool story bro.
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pippoppow  +   1865d ago
Those in charge love the Hallmarkmomemnts of the world. Just keep on taking it. Maybe XBL next gen will be $100. I'm sure you'll love it.
moparful99  +   1865d ago
@hallmark moment
Dude get your facts straight. Psn is still 100% free, they have a complimentary service called ps+ (playstation plus) that is optional and has a ton of additional content that you can subscribe to.. Psn's core online experience has always and will always be free... It just burns you up inside that sony is growing and perfecting psn and finding ways to do so without charging their customers while microsoft cannot continue to grow xbl without raising memebership fees.. LOl fail..
darkpower  +   1865d ago
Wait...so Sony is FORCING us to pay for PS Plus?

And increasing Live's price ISN'T "desperation"?

I would LOVE to know your logic!
Omega4  +   1865d ago
Don't see why Sony is mocking MS, MS makes a killing from Live and will continue to do so even with the hike.

Its amazing Sony still keeps PSN free but you know if Sony charged $60 for PSN no one would buy it, unlike Live and that says a lot about the quality of the two services.
Philoctetes  +   1865d ago
Besides the party system and cross-game chat, how are XBL and PSN different?
8-bit  +   1865d ago
We all know Sony is working on x game chat and when it is released XBL subscriptions will be a complete joke
OSU_Gamer  +   1865d ago
the community

The majority of people are playing multiplat online games such as MW2 on XBL.

It doesn't justify the price increase, but that makes XBL a better choice for a lot of people.

Add in Halo:Reach online community and I think that gives a lot of gamers reason to keep XBL around.
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skrug  +   1865d ago
dedicated servers... on PSN

SpitFireAce85  +   1865d ago
to OSU_Gamer
Well 8.3 mill copies of MW2 sold on the PS3
disagree with you... and an average of 250-300k
players online 24/7/365

PS.You just keep paying that live sub and before
you know it you'll be paying $20 a month on top
of your DSL/Cable bill... it used to be its only
$3-4 a month what now? its only twice that.
OSU_Gamer  +   1865d ago
OK great I'm wrong. But when a lot of people amke the decision to pick XBL or PSN if they know that a lot of friends play on XBL they will pick XBL.

all but one of my friends use XBL. I choose XBL. I also choose PSN..but I wouldn't if it wasn't free. I think PSN is great and rivals XBL feature wise, but if it wasn't free a lot of those features don't matter because in the end I wouldn't pay to game with one friend.

Not to mention you didn't respond to Halo Reach. Halo Reach will likely compete with the online numbers of MW2.
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moparful99  +   1865d ago
Lol YOu got owned with your modern warfare 2 statment and then you turn around and use the friend excuse.. First of all sony doesn't advertise the soul out of a game and they still manage to sell 2,3, even 4 million copies of their biggest titles... Modern warfare 2 had so much hype and advertising. Ohh as far as friends go Most of my friends have 360's but I bought my ps3 because it was the best choice for me not because everyone did it.. That kind of mentality is why people make bad decisions.. I find it funny too because most of the people that only have 360's they bash ps3's despite never really playing one. They automatically dismiss them regardless of how good it is.. I dont know what it is about you 360 owners but you have this aire about you like you're better then everyone else just because you own a 360.. You never admit when microsoft makes a mistake and you pounce on everything sony related that can be miscontrued in a negative manner... I'm glad I dont own a 360, people like you make me sick..
Optical_Matrix  +   1865d ago
Lol people would pay for it. Because that would mean, just like with XBL, they are FORCED to pay to play online. However bad that is. But what makes XBL so much better. To this day no one has answered. Cross Game chat and party chat? wtf
OSU_Gamer  +   1865d ago
people answer, you guys just ignore them
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ThanatosDMC  +   1865d ago
And that would be? cross game chat?
OSU_Gamer  +   1865d ago
I use both PSN and XBL so It's not like I pledge my allegiance to only one online service.

But XBL is still worth it to me.

XBLA Arcade titles
X-Game Chat
Still a lot better user interface for invites and messages.
Voice messages
99% My friends play on XBL
Halo, Gears

I'm not arguing that PSN is better than XBL. Because I don't think its the case. But it is definitely worth it for me to have both.

I love the PSN titles.
I love browser.
I love that its free.
UC2, KZ3...

You cannot sit here and tell people that they are wrong for choosing XBL.
Each service may have benefits for each individual more so than the other service.

If you have more friends on PSN...then go with PSN.

I spend a TON of time playing games online with friends on XBL. I think that makes it worth the same amount as one grande Starbucks coffee a month.


I would also (like anyone) rather pay $0 for XBL...but that doesn't make it not worth the amound I am currently paying.
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ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1865d ago

It says nothing of the quality of the service. I guarantee you that if Microsoft offered silver for free, they would lose half or more of their subscribers.

It's simple, people want to play online on the 360, the only way to do that is to pay. I know many people that wish Live was free, some pay, others don't.
Baka-akaB  +   1865d ago
If the service was any better , PC folks would have accepted live . They didnt because they know the servers aint better , their p2p hosting not better , and all of their services are free with the same and better quality .
Azazel  +   1865d ago
Wow, are you serious? Noone would pay for the PSN if SONY charged for it? I bet people would pay, as it is the console with the most capabilities software and hardware wise. You are just a xbox fanboy thinking your opinion is correct. XD
PirateThom  +   1865d ago
That isn't a pun.

But I'm glad to see the usuals are out defending wallet rape.
ActionBastard  +   1865d ago
Indeed. Personally, I take my savings from not having to pay for Live and buy games, or hell, a PS+ subscription. At least I'm actually getting something.
jambabie69  +   1865d ago
what i was saying earlier
take my usual 50 give plus a try instead of giving that 50 to ms. either way im out 50 bucks, but atleast i'll be giving plus a try and giving some revenue to sony so they can continue to update/enhance psn if they choose too.

with my 50-60 going to ms i know its going for nothing but online play. i do not use the other shit they have put on there. hell even if i did im ona pc right now, why the hell would i give them money for things i have right here if i want for free?

sure it's "only 10 more dollars a year" but it's the damn principal of it all. maybe i'm just going crazy but i just can't see anyone defending this-

if anything for competition sake ms should be doing the opposite! i dunno maybe i need to start drinking 24-7 just to understand some people on heres train of thought. some comments in here are just whoa and a wow!

i been bitching about it and i can renew mine next month for 50 so it wouldn't effect me til next year, but it's the principal behind all this to me. maybe i am missing something..........

Raoh  +   1865d ago

you should see the g4tv forums full of people actually happy its raised
Garrus_Vakarian  +   1865d ago
Are you serious? They're HAPPY that the price went up? Wow...
XxZxX  +   1865d ago
what???!!!! happy to pay..... there is no recession
Raoh  +   1865d ago
here are a few of the comments onm g4tv, probably the same as on here and probably by the same people

its understandable i mean cost of living, taxes everyhthing goes up in time so im not shocked, besides they did a great job getting people hooked on their online service, so me personally i wouldnt start using my PS3 more just because of an extra $10

I'd rather pay $$ to experience all that XBL has to offer than play the PSN for free.

everything goes up after a while and i look at it from a monthly thing when i buy year 60 bucks thats 5 bucks a month so i am not really bummed

While its not enough to make me stop using Xbox Live, it is slightly annoying that I'll be paying for services that I will rarely use (i.e. Kinect, Netflix, Last.fm). The only thing I use Gold for is multiplayer and the occasional facebook post...
nix  +   1865d ago
wow... are ppl really that daft????
P_Bomb  +   1865d ago
They're all singing the same song 'bout how everything goes up. Someone tell them we're talking about videogames, where the price on hardware and software etc tends to go DOWN over time, not up. Heck, XBox360 just had a price cut.

We paid $59.99 and 69.99 for new NES games like Metroid and Kid Icarus back in 1987. In 23 years it hasn't even gone up.
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ThanatosDMC  +   1865d ago
Redempteur  +   1865d ago
it's a new low then ..

i'm paying more for the same thing ...let's rejoice !!!

jambabie69  +   1865d ago
in the real world their is alcoholics, drug addicts, crack heads, i guess their also should be xbox live addicts added to the mix.

i was once addicted to online gaming, when i first got live in jan of 05 i was like damn! but in the last while i just weined myself off. started playing my ps3 more, and i use psn some, but more times than none i play single player more these days. just by choice, i still throw in mag from time to time and resistance 2. btw i need to update mag.....(been playing red dead, and i just finished heavy rain a couple weeks ago)

i think i need to open a "xbox live rehab facility" for some of these in the world. thing is ms would try to shut me down for taking away some of their business lol.

edit- to bustamove- no shit! i don't get it either.

edit 2- to redempteur- EXACTLY some in here finally get it, god damn i thought i was going crazy! thanks dude! have a bubble :) for reassuring me im not going insane!
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bustamove  +   1865d ago
...People are happy that it's being raised? WTH, did I just step into bizarro land?
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Optical_Matrix  +   1865d ago
Lol thats not a pun. Someone needs to take english language lessons. It's a statement. Pure and simple.
Raoh  +   1865d ago
i think the writer meant, seybold takes a stab at microsoft.. or something along those lines, everyone on here is right its not a pun and only shows how terrible gaming journalism is..
tiamat5  +   1865d ago
They are just poking fun at Microsoft. Sony and Nintendo do it all the time. No need to get upset people. Gamers have become very touchy and agressive over the years.
BeaArthur  +   1865d ago
I don't see what the huge issue is to be honest. No I don't like price increases, but if you just renew them 1 year at a time it's $10 for the entire year, that's not a lot. Although it is annoying knowing how much they have made off Live and then seeing them increase the price.
nix  +   1865d ago
wow... this one loves bending... n he doesn't even need a lubricant.
BeaArthur  +   1865d ago
Or maybe I'm just not a whiny poor person who complains about things they can't change. You say I won't do this and I'm boycotting that but in the end you buy and pay for services just like everyone else. You say I'm getting bent over but at least I realize it, unlike you.
Raoh  +   1865d ago
to me its the principle

wii online, psn online, pc online all free

you pay your isp for access not microsoft.. they are not doing anything special

friendslist is uniform pretty much on xfire, psn, live, steam etc

most online games are P2P and if they are dedicated servers they are housed by the publisher/dev not sony or microsoft

xchat? sure,... if your into that but when i'm playing an online game i want you talking to your squad not your friend about how your teacher hates you

netflix? last.fm? really? same as before, why is access free everywhere but with live?
BeaArthur  +   1865d ago
So you take a stand at an extra $10? Do you refuse to pay for cable when the price goes up? Do you cut out all totally unnecessary expenditures from your life when they inflate? I bet you don't, so how is this situation any different?
pippoppow  +   1865d ago
It's free elsewhere. Raising the price when it is free elsewhere is ridiculous especially when other services are as good or better. It should be free, at least get cheaper to the point it becomes free not more expensive. How insulting.

MS knows their fan-base has no other choice and are likely to keep paying because they are week and are hooked on playing online games. They are taking 360 gamers for fools who will do anything for their online gaming fix.

To those that support XBL fees, I guess you support what Activision want to do with paying to play their games online. It is only fair and will most likely bring about a better online experience, right? When other Pubs do the same it should be ok too, right?

How about a first time fee to register your console for online service? Hmm how else can gamers get fleeced? How about a small fee for ugrading the OS/Firmware. How else? What about paying extra to have trophies/Achievements? I'm sure MS is working on plenty of ideas along with the other greedy companies looking to sink their teeth into the gaming market that seems to bend over so easily.
Raoh  +   1864d ago
Do you refuse to pay for cable when the price goes up?
actually i do...

i was paying $170 a month (mind you that is without all the premium channels i'm talking family cable) for cable tv, phone and internet, i dropped the phone first since i really live off my cell and email. then i dropped cable. returned the boxes and am only paying for internet with boost service for higher bandwidth

i rent from gamefly and netflix, stream from netflix and hulu and a few other sites not to mention download torrents.. i stream from the net and my local network using playon media server and i buy blu rays

i actually watch more tv now than i used to as i can choose what i watch and not be tied to a schedule.. once the regular fall season starts, i can wait a day or so (sometimes the same night) and catch the shows i missed or i might just get an hd antenna...

cablevision was not offering me what i felt was worth my money so i took my money elsewhere.. well not really elsewhere since they are my internet provider but i dont pay them for cable or phone anymore..

you assumed i was bullying Microsoft.. sony would get the same treatment from me if we were talking about the same thing.. i also am a mac os x fan but built a pc instead for gaming..

stop buying into what these companies are telling you you need, decide for yourselves, you vote everyday with your dollars..

the question is could you do it? stop giving companies your hard earned money for no other reason than they told you so and its cool to do so?

there is not one reason that makes paying to play online acceptable....not one.. even if you layout a 10 page dissertation about how much better xbox live is over psn, it still does not justify paying to play online..

the pc, the ds, the wii, the ps2, the ps3 and just about every device i know lets you get online as long as you have an internet provider..

except microsoft... but its worth it right?
Clarence  +   1865d ago
I can't believe the people on here. They are actually happy to pay more to play online! I have both PS3 and 360 I was already thinking about canceling. I'm definitely canceling now. Both services are the same except there's no cross game chat on the PS3. On the other hand there is no web surfing on the 360.
DlocDaBudSmoka  +   1865d ago
what about
when its time to renew and there is a AAA blockbuster coming out in the same week?? Doesnt that cause a dilemma? Where as on the ps3 side, we'll get that game instead of the quandry of online or the game.
Hades1337  +   1865d ago
Sorry but I still choose Xbox Live for Sky Player. It's obviously not applicable to Americans but it's a big deal here in the UK.
Dazel  +   1865d ago
Wow, this is like £5 a year more in the UK
Thats less than ten pence more a week for a service as good as Live its more than worth it for online play. PSN still doesn't cut the mustard imho and i've had both for years. When you think about how much the cost of living is rising, i'm sure not gonna worry about this.
IK IR Y IP T  +   1865d ago
wow it's only going up 10 dollars thats nothing some of us have jobs and dont depend on our parents to pay the bill
jaytv-pyro  +   1865d ago
XBL = $60
Fadetoblack69  +   1865d ago
I don't see that as a 'dig', simply stating the truth

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