Bioshock Review 10/10 (Game Informer)

Check out the review at Game Informer of next week's release, Bioshock for the PC and Xbox 360.

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jay33747d ago

This game, from playing the demo, is pure awesomeness.

InMyOpinion3747d ago

It draws you in and never let's you go. I got the chills at the part where the camera rises up and reveals Rapture. The pompous string music kicks in, and right there you know that games like Bioshock only appear once every ten years. R-r-r-rapture!

Keyser3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

I definitely believe it deserves 10/10 because the graphics look spectacular, the environments are very well put together and the gampelay is extremely innovative. Being able to do the same thing 20 different ways is the way games should be because that's closer to real life.

I still will not be getting the game. I have a personal problem with some of the elements. Like seeing the little girl stabbing that dead guy in the head with the hypodermic and then having to decide whether you let little girls live or die is not what I want to be playing.

It's a personal decision but I still believe there is a lot good about this game and activities that other game developers need to start thinking about as they design "NEXT-GEN" games. Bioshock is next-gen.

Retro-Virus3747d ago

I will give this game a 11 out of 10 and that's being rude. LOL !

This is not just another game, this is "THE GAME".

Marceles3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

AAA indeed, everyone who got it yesterday from Toys R' Us are lucky.

predator3747d ago

i want this game now god damit, i dont think gears got this many 10 out of 10 and that was amazing, just imagine the treat us 360 owners are gona get with this, oh and pc

Shuriken 5253747d ago

This game just seems unstoppable!!

urban bohemian3747d ago

Girlfriends everywhere beware!

predator3747d ago

yeah well im off to the carrabian 3 days after this is released with the gf, how do you think i feel

sjappie3747d ago

than going to a tropical destination with ya gf.

urban bohemian3747d ago

Depends what his girlfriend looks like! .....and just how hardcore a gamer he is. I bet you go scuba diving and pretend you see an underwater city! lol Jokes!

ShiftyLookingCow3747d ago

physical looks alone isnt enough unless you are a super flexible guy, anyone remember Brian from Family Guy

solidt123747d ago

I think I would have to take my 360 with me to the Island and play it while my Girlfriend is sleep.

XENOCIDE3747d ago

Hell, I sold my last 360 to have a lil' extra pocket money for a lil' vacation wit' my girl out in Chicago. Hell, I'd already completed Gears twice and everything else I wanted (Halo 3, Bioshock, n' GTA4) were a ways off. It all depends on the circumstances, that and how much you do or do not actually care for your significant other.

predator3747d ago

no no no, i ment it sarcy like, its all well and gd going on holiday wit the gf but what a time to be going thats how i ment

sjappie3747d ago

Well, have a good time.

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