Killzone 3: Behind the Scenes at Gamescom

Now in its second year, the Gamescom in Germany is quickly becoming the largest games event in the world. Over 250,000 people descended on Cologne last week, eager to sample the enormous amount of games and technologies on offer. Naturally, we were there to showcase Killzone 3's multiplayer mode.

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talltony2757d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

i dnt see the new video when i click the link.

Edit ok thanks Found it. The game is coming along beautifully. Cant wait to see how it looks when they put in the kz3 charachter models because these are still kz2 models. Regardless still looks great.

Just noticed something when You get killed and then get revived you dnt have to stand up right away which is a great new feature. Cant tell you how many times i have gotten revived and then killed instantly. Now it will feel like I am more in control.

Ja555on2757d ago

(When at the source) Go to news, then scroll down and you will see the video. (copy and pasted from the description)

-Alpha2756d ago

I don't mean to sound negative, but anyone else worried about things like instant-melee and things like that?

I can see they are trying to make it more mainstream, and I actually really hated the melee in K2 (it was impossible, especially for that stupid badge).

I am actually quite excited for K3 and think it will trump K2, but I hear a lot of fans voice their concerns with how different it appears.

Just trying to get a friendly discussion starting, so don't get too upset if I sound like I am criticizing the video (I actually haven't seen it yet as I'm at work, but from what I hear melee is insta-kill now)

avengers19782756d ago

@alpha-male22 I got my melee badge no problem, hell I got all the badges. Things like more accessible games are terrible, the very words make me cringe.

vickers5002756d ago

I share your concern. Especially after playing the Alien Vs Predator demo. They need to make it so where you can do it after like only one or two kills, just so untalented noobs cant go sprinting around rapidly pressing the execution button.

stevenhiggster2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Well most shooters nowadays the melee is insta kill, BC2, COD, MOH most of them you just press the knife button, one stab and the mofo is dead, so I don't see how KZ3 doing it is a bad thing? As you said before, the melee in KZ2 wasn't great anyway.

I am a big KZ2 fanboy I think it's fine the way it is. But what I don't understand is people moaning about them making it more accessible, whats the problem with more people enjoying it? And as for making it more noob friendly? All that does is make it easier for me too so I can pwn even more, so everyones a winner (except the pwnd people). Why complain, what you scared the big bad COD fanbabies are gonna come and take your precious KZ away? Newsflash: COD fanboys only play COD!

ChineseDemocracy2756d ago

SO happy they kept the little *blip* in after you snag a kill. I find it incredibly satisfying for some reason.

Rumor2756d ago

hate to see spawn times..oh well KZ3D is gonna be EEEEEEPIC!!!!! *high pich fratsy voice*

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gtamike2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Wheres the video cause link? it sends us to index...


Shikoro2756d ago

Here is the direct link, just scroll down to see the video:

The_Claw2756d ago

to all the graphics nuts out there...
ITS PRE-ALPHA CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

SaberEdge2756d ago

That's true, but that doesn't stop people from judging Crysis 2's graphics. What's more, Killzone 3 comes out in February, while Crysis 2 comes out in March.

NeloAnjelo2756d ago

Screw graphic nuts... this game looks amazing even if there are no improvements on the KZ2's graphics.

Jaces2756d ago

invisi neck break FTW.

lol, I cannot wait to get back into Killzone online. I had a blast with KZ2.

BannedForNineYears2756d ago

Anyone catch the "[] to stand up" thing when you get revived?! That's gotta be one of the most needed features in Killzone.
I remember getting revived when I didn't want to in Killzone 2. xD

OneSneakyMofo2756d ago

In the corner, the person is wearing a "GEL" med pack which means there are new skills for classes - ASWESOME!

TooTall192756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

He can get a smaller air bot that follows him. Edit: The medic can even revive himself once the area is safe. I'm pretty sure the medic in the video had it as one of his specials.

NeloAnjelo2756d ago

Yes you are right in your assumptions. Each class has 6 different levels of unlocks that is specifically for that class.

Nothing has been mentioned about combining classes and the workings around that in KZ3.

All classes unlocked from the beginning... Sniper class all the way for me. then I'll look at other classes...

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Blackfire_x82757d ago

Interesting article. Shame it's only 30 odd seconds long.

Ja555on2757d ago

enough commenting get approvin, i dont wana let this article slip, its big

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