Rumor: Afrika to use touch sensitive mat and devs want it out before WiiFit?

Messages from the Game Labo

15.08.07 - Here are some messages from the rumor column of the Japanese Game Labo, of which none was so far confirmed.

- Of Sony, Africa(PS3) a kind "search/investigation software" should be, which uses pressure and touch-sensitive mat for the input. The developers got the order to bring Africa before Nintendo Wiifit(Wii) on the market.

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Syko3993d ago

Details on this game are locked tighter than Fort Knox. Still good to hear at least a little new info.

MK_Red3993d ago

Good one. There no single preview or gameplay demonstration for this title.

Omegasyde3993d ago

I pray that its either a big game hunting game or that you role play as a lion and chase animals.

That would be bad ass, if you could be a cheetah and chase a gazelle or even as a Crocodile and eat some dumb tourist. Wow perhaps that is it?

but, most likely its a stupid photo game where you watch a elephants scratch their behinds.

Anything but Cute3993d ago

Believe it or not, I want this game. Looked intresting to me since the first time I heard of it.

Mu5afir3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

This game, it seems so awesome.. even though we know very little about it. It just seems like it's going to be pretty nice. People are speculating as to what type of game it will be, hopefully we get to know more about this game in the coming months.

Syko3993d ago

Seriously I read on daily and other sites too. All I know about this game is that The Zebras look kick ass, It's in Africa setting and the Rhinos are shiny and look great.

It is hard to ignore the fact that they are clearly taking there time and with the low hype they have been successful in flying under the radar. This means it is going to be a mega sleeper hit, or they are having a hard time working out problems in the game. Let's hope it's the former and not the latter.

Just need more info!

GoLeafsGo3993d ago

Wow..and I was having trouble figuring out how you'd play this game before!

Agriel3993d ago

maybe we will hear something next week at GC or next month at TGS

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The story is too old to be commented.