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Natsu X FairyTail2548d ago

Lmao thats like 59+tax in Canada. SMH. gotta get rid of my xbox soon.

niceguywii602548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

You keep saying anti 360 sh*t after you have had a change of heart about the 360 it gets old. You know how many times I've mentioned me getting rid of my PS3 after being disappointed in it? 2 times. The PS3 fanboys won't give you bubbles they hate you now.

There is obviously a huge update offering much more coming for Microsoft to do this.

My PS3 tag was *Masseffect1* I was or am on DEN-UK's PS3 friends list he's a N4G member

I want to say a web browser fused with Bing with youtube ect. I was or am on DEN-UK's friends

saint_john_paul_ii2548d ago

you never had a PS3 in the first place.

iamnsuperman2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

"There is obviously a huge update offering much more coming for Microsoft to do this." or they just want more money...They know a lot of people wanting to play Halo are going to pay for it because they have waited for the final Bungie business move

deadreckoning6662548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

@pope- You stalk people are something? How do you know what he does or doesn't have?? Some people just aren't into their PS3s as you might be..get over it. My friend is a multiconsole owner and he spends nearly all of his gaming time on the 360. In fact, the only time he logs on to PSN is when I come over to show him how cool Uncharted 2 is.

Pope, there is world OUTSIDE of N4G filled with people. These people have different tastes and personal preferences...once you embrace that..ull be good to go.

As far as the article is concerned, Microsoft better have something HUGE coming to XBL if there going to charge that kinda money just to play online. Whatever it is, the Halo fanatics won't care and will pay for it regardless. As for me, I'll just stay away..far away.

WildArmed2548d ago

lol believe it or not..
He is a full fledged troll now :)
he rampages on both ps3 n 360 articles.

btw.. it would be a good time to stock up on those 20-30$ 1 year Live cards then?

sack_boi2548d ago

Bye bye Xbox, it's sad but from now on I'm only going to use my PS3.


gaffyh2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

I think Microsoft might have to change their name to Microshaft, I can't believe that they are increasing the price, even if it is only by $10.

I'm glad I don't play online on my 360.

Edit: Wow at least 4 brainwashed people that are happy to fork out more money for the exact same service. The stupidity of some people is beyond compare. The reason MS has done this is because they KNOW that they can, that's it, not because they are going to offer you anything extra.

Hallmark Moment2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Can't wait!!!! to see what they will offer for $10 more. CAIN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

This means MSFT is going to reveal the update features SOON!!!!

Pretty smart of MSFT announcing the price hike before they reveal the update features so when they finally show the update the price hike won't be used to try and downplay the new great offerings.

sikbeta2548d ago

Damn, If I'd run that company, I could rise the price to $100, simply because people will pay for it, it's not an option, MS control all the on-line features and if you don't pay you don't play on-line, I know some crowd will defend this and say it's cool to pay more, but they not see this the same way I do...

bjornbear2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

wow! 360 owners will have to pay MORE per year?! =S this is when I really appreciate the free online for PC and PS3 gaming.

lol @ butthurt because his "comrade" "defected"
now i've seen everything xD CRY MOAR

even bigger LOL @ all the people excited about the increase in price. It must be the only place on earth where people are excited by an increase in deranged its scary =S brainwashed is what they are.

0mega42548d ago


why are they charging more for xbox live when they cant even secure exclusives with all the money there racking in now

besides time exclusives...
which are completely worthless

Redrum0592548d ago

M$ can no longer make as much profit from exclusives enymore so they just charge more for live to make up for the money thats not being made due to the lack of exclusives.

Antan2548d ago

Your id was "Masseffect1"?...... ......What! Just like the user "PS3 slim"? Who happens to be one of your many accounts? who`d of thought it! All these times you've been moaning about multiple account users and yet here we are AGAIN, putting your foot in it. Will you ever learn POG?

pustulio2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

wow, way to go Microsoft.

First, you dissapoint the hardcore and leave almost no games for 360.
Second, you will release an overpriced camera wich is just garbage.
And now we going to pay more for Gold because you are adding "features" that we can only use if we buy your overpriced camera!

Either you give me free arcades or some GOOD deals or Zune/Netflix for free or im out.

EDIT: HOLY SHIT! México has NOTHING in the Marketplace, theres no Zune, No Netflix, No, some demos are not available, some deals neither, No Sky, No ESPN, No Hulu...

I can't even... Why would you increase the price there?

Trebius2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

It's slightly shocking to see THIS many people approve a price hike merely because you believe you're GETTING something out of it. Do you have any idea how absolutely out of your mind you sound?? To the point where you could be considered BRAINWASHED.

I'm guessing most of the people agreeing with this price hike are just kids, because no ADULT would ever approve of raising prices for the same service.

That's why in the REAL world, when there is a TAX hike, there are voices that speak against it, no one likes to pay more for anything unless they absolutely have to. An extra 10 bucks does not seem like a lot, just like an extra 50 bucks didnt seem like a lot from the beginning, and just like an extra 100 bucks wont seem like a lot if it happens, cause M$ can raise the price every few months by 10 bucks and people would continue to pay.

I understand M$ has a nice online community, and you feel as though it's completely worth the extra money.

But consider the pact that PC gaming has had massive online communities and have never charged for online play. Online play is mean to be FREE. You buy the game for 60 bucks, you shouldn't have to pay to be able to play it online.

I know it's in one ear and out the other to the Xbox fanboys, and they'll continue to shell out cash and justify it, "Duuuhh, we gettin' new AvaTahZ! Duuuhhhh..." Fuck that.

Think like an adult, ask yourself questions! They're only raising the price cause they know they'll get away with it. They dont care about you, they're not giving you extra content, they're releasing Halo:Reach, and giving you all the reach-around by charging more for XBL right when 2 of their biggest titles are comign out.

Those of you that defend M$ downvote me all you want, it still wont change the fact that you're an idiot for supporting these kind of business tactics.

At least on PS3 you have the OPTION of paying more. And if you DO pay more, you get FREE games and FREE exclusive betas and FREE merchandise out of it.

Dragun6192548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

@Droid Smasha
Dude, just admit it, This Price increase is unnecessary and greedy.
Its like they're trying to cash on the New Owners that buy Kinect in November and millions that are gonna Halo: Reach.

@Hallmark Moment
Yeah, and you can probably get those features for free on other platforms like a PC. Hell, maybe those new features will only be for Kinect. That means one would have to get Kinect and XBL Gold to enjoy those features.

sdtarm2548d ago

Man thats all ive come to say from ur comments, its totally true and i back natsu x fairytail, Canada bairly gets a taste of what us gets and making it 59 plus around 15%of tax is too much for consumers to accept, for some reason ps3 is more common around here, not too much but it is

FanboysWillHateMe2548d ago

if the added ESPN streaming is good, then I think that justifies the additional dollar or so per month (I buy the yearly subscriptions). Of course I wouldn't pay if I had the option, but all of my closest friends are on Xbox Live so that's what does it for me.

I only know one person in real life on PSN, and trying to communicate with him and the process of sending him invites to games is a pain in the ass, honestly.

When I think about it, people complain about the cost of Xbox Live when subscription MMORPGs are a lot worse! And there's free alternatives to that too, just like PSN's online multiplayer is a free alternative to Live. I don't know about you guys, but I notice a huge difference in quality between PSN and Live.

Sez 2548d ago

Honestly between MS now charging $10 more for live and Sony charging people for used games. It's safe to say I'm going to just dedicate all my gaming needs to pc gaming and forget both consoles altogether. This is just crazy

Triella2548d ago

@Hallmark Moment

Don't expect anything spectacular MS is already touting videochat conference with two friends as a new, cool and innovative feature to justify the price increase, but PS3 owners have been able to do so for a long while now, with up to 6 people at a time and moreover utterly and completely free of charge.

solidjun52548d ago

You seem to takes things way to serious little one. Well let me say then. Not a lot of people believes you have a PS3 anyway. If you do, i'm sure that game you're playing where you don't have a 360 is playing off very well.

Anyway,on topic:
look, there's deal where you can lock it up for 39.99 for the year. $20 cheaper than the new rate.

It's here.

That's what I plan on doing.

bustamove2548d ago

It's official. Microsoft has lost it.

SCThor2548d ago

***Netflix unlimited subscription (sold separately) also required to instantly watch movies streaming from Netflix. See Netflix Terms of Use for details on Netflix service.

****ESPN on Xbox LIVE provides great content from and For access to content, including live sports, you must have an ESPN3-affiliated broadband provider. See for details and providers.


darthv722548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

"even bigger LOL @ all the people excited about the increase in price. It must be the only place on earth where people are excited by an increase in deranged its scary =S brainwashed is what they are."

I wouldnt say i am "excited" for the increase but then again it doesnt bother me either. No need to call people brainwashed if they choose to pay for a service where as others choose not to.

edit: it really free if you have to pay a membership in order to use it. The free games are the same as pay to play. You need to keep your psn membership in order for them to be "free" otherwise they no longer work.

On a side note, I can see why many sony fans are crying foul on this more than 360 fans. It gives sony the notion that they can raise their price as well or even change the terms of the membership. Take away little by little, more from the free side and put them in to the membership side.

I wish my landlord or the cable company were as generous in keeping the same rate for roughly 7 years before hiking the price up.

NoBias2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

But I hate Micro$$$$oft... Sad thing is that they could probably care less. Looks like I'll be buying more multiplats for my PS3.

Denethor_II2548d ago

I said the same thing. but he really has!

Natsu X FairyTail: You have some sort of multi-personality disorder or something going on there. Or maybe your just a critic and are hard to please?

SilentNegotiator2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Well, that's it.
I was slightly considering going back, just for Halo Reach, but Microsoft is only taking more steps backwards.

My $60 will go toward GAMES.
Time to sell my 360.

Millah2548d ago

Why doesn't MS offer different levels of Live. Like, if people don't want all these "added features" and simply just want to play multiplayer, then give them an option for a stripped down Gold service for 19.99/year. If people want all these added "features" as well, then give them the 60/year option.

MS just exploiting its consumer base, which is never smart, because it always bites them in the ass later on.

BusterFang2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Well...I saw this coming eventually, but didn't expect it to be so soon. =\

Edit: Hmmm...I wonder if this could be to gain SOME money back slowly if Kinect doesn't take off like they want it to, even though the article says it's about some "big" updates or w.e...just wondering

TotalPS3Fanboy2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Today, it came true.

I feel like it's an attemp to scrap every pennies from the hardcore gamers as Microsoft abandons them and jumps ship.

HammockGames2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

By the way, you can cancel the auto-renewal option via the Xbox 360 website (you can also remove your payment method). You don't have to go through the phone call BS to get out of it.

Just an fyi for anyone who is ticked.

I did this a few weeks back. Just a coincidence, but glad that I did.

Def Warrant2547d ago

LOL i have no sympathy for sheeps. You all deserve to be raped by M$haft. I'd do the same if my followers were brainless zombies lol.