Mafia 2 Likely Not Profitable, No GTA V Until 2012?

In advance of publisher Take-Two's third-quarter fiscal report this Thursday, Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter has noted that the company's U.S. retail sales appear to be tracking ahead by 250% thanks mostly to Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption, which he believes has hit 6.5 million units sold (5 million was the last confirmed number by Take-Two).

While Red Dead Redemption has been fantastic for Take-Two, it's been another story for Mafia II.

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omi25p2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

i hope take two start being more carful, because with all these delays lead to cancellations which leads to no gaming being sold which ends up at becoming bankrupt

Conloles2666d ago

Take2 solely relies on Rockstar now lol

TheLastGuardian2666d ago

Don't forget Irrational Games.

Stealth20k2666d ago

Thats not happening there were 3 gta on consoles last gen and there will be at least one more

r1sh122666d ago

i agree with stealth20k,
There will be atleast 1 more GTA.
Rockstar make very good games IMO,
the worst game they have made recently is midnight club,
it had average sales.
But the rest are quality titles

Hotel_Moscow2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

he said there wont be another GTA% till next gen

there could be another gta: location here game this gen but gta 5 wont come until next gen

only because rockstar seems to have made the main series of gta about liberty city 3 and 4 could count 2 since anywhere usa looks alot like liberty city and the original gta is just all 3 citys merged into 1

i say they will release one gta off spin between 2008 and 2015 with gta 5 coming in at around 2015 7 years after gta4 just like gta 4 was 7 years after gta 3

TheLastGuardian2666d ago

@r1sj12 Midnight Club was a good game. All of them are.

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donniebaseball2666d ago

Most analysts don't have kind words for Take-Two's management. While they have some hits from time to time, the publisher is still very reliant on GTA.

r1sh122666d ago

controversy sells, thats why GTA is a great game.
They get put in the spotlight for free.
GTA it self is a legendary game, some were better than others but overall thats the only franchise I can see myself constantly buying games from.
Call of duty is getting weak, IW will topple soon a third developer is making call of duty's now.
Black ops is that last call of duty I will buy.
Activision is just milking the cashcow, but after black ops i cant see anything else.
Modern Warfare 3? future warfare (no thanks)

jay22666d ago

Well there's LA Noire, Max Payne 3 and Agent coming next year so IF GTA V doesn't come out until 2012 it doesn't matter because those 3 games should sell very well.

coolstuff2666d ago

I hope GTA V is announced soon

Mmmkay2666d ago

What happened to GTAIV: Baghdad ??

Kingdom Come2666d ago

Alot of time and effort has gone into creating Empire City and it's inhabitants, the story was tremendous and helped along by the brilliant Voice-Acting and varying characteristics, the game has a diverse amount of missions which many games don't offer these days, from Robbing Stores to Illegally selling cigarettes off the back of a truck, Assassinations to disposing of bodies, being a getaway driver to stealing from Federal Offices (Stealth Missions). The game is astonishing and I highly recommend people to purchase the title, and I truly wish for the game to be a success in the sales, I purchased the game Day one and after reaching the end, I was left craving more, a continuation, with more DLC on the way tommorow I will be temporarily satisfied however the ending cries out for continuation, if anything, I hope the game does well so I'll get a continuation, a sequel. The city is designed, the engine is done and at the end of the game we are left not able to freely roam but have to load previous chapters, this can't be a coincidence, 2K must have intentions for doing so, hopefully those intentions are to continue Vito's journey through the gritty world of organised crime... I Hope so.

gedapeleda2666d ago

Yeah I totally agree, this game is a masterpiece and the only reason it's not getting high scores is becouse you can't do mutch in the city this, game is ment to be a linear experiance like uncharted.People who didn't played it should defenetely give it a try.My personal goty 2010

Kingdom Come2666d ago

As had many, to hear that some where left dissapointed with the title left myself astounded, a's you so rightly claimed, the game is a Masterpiece. The game is one of those fine depictions of a specific moment in time (in this case the Late 40's/Early 50's) and due to it's fine craftsmanship, I would go as far as saying the game is one of those few examples of how games can be a work of Art, it's truly Stunning. And I'm not implying it's the greatest graphical achievement of all time, I'm meaning it's attention to detail, the Billboards, the shoe-polishers, the newspaper salesmen, the snow sliding from the roof of a car, the doves landing on the sidewalk to eat, it's marvellous...

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