Metroid Other M and the mixed reviews

Rely on Horror states: "This is something I just had to get out of my chest. It seems to be a growing trend among ‘professonal’ reviewers to compare the current iteration of a proven franchise to the crowning achievement of said franchise. For example, and as this article’s title indicates, Metroid Other M and Super Metroid. Other M is a full fledged sequel to one of the best games of all time, Super Metroid. Making a sequel to a game that has received such accolades requires not only a lot of guts but a lot of courage as well,courage to take risks. Reason being, honestly, chances are the sequel isn’t going to be able to capture that same magic that the original did back in its time."

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darkcharizard2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

This game has turned out to be really controversial!

Wired, Worth Playing, D+Pad and Joystiq gave it 90%. Also, Cheapassgamer gave it "Outstanding"

GamesRadar = 70%
1up = B-/A+
Destructoid = 65%

darkcharizard2849d ago

but that was an exceptional one;

Stupid complexed girl, hurt that the best video-game female too was a human and had emotions..

UP2849d ago

wow i got disagrees for stating a fact G4 game the game a 2/5.

NeutralGamer2849d ago

NO matter what the score I already played the game and its really good... Believe me!

Ther suckers at G4 probably didnt even play trough the first sector -.-

eagle212849d ago

G4 isn't metacritic anymore so they really can fu** off. :)

Zechs342849d ago

The game is solid all around, the voice acting can be iffy. But most of it feels like classic Metroid. I beat it in 2 days with regular play. PLEASE!!!! Dont turn it off during the credits. Stay till after! Trust me! ;)

condorstrike2849d ago

wasn't that the best 2nd in-game ending ever....:)
a 10 in my book....11 hour game.

Zechs342849d ago

Yeah I felt more satisfied with it actually. And the ****Spoiler!**** fight before you get what she went back for is a great!

condorstrike2849d ago other words, ahh Zechs34....:)
even I couldn't believe they could pull this off on the Wii, everyone needs to experience this game, even those doubters, trust me the reviewers are dead wrong on this one.

Redempteur2849d ago

the only real problem is the monologues during the story and the lenght of the title ..

xskipperx822849d ago

If you want to rage: Watch Morgan Webb's video review of this game. She doesn't even talk about the gameplay. She gives it a 2/5.

UP2849d ago

yea i know i thought they were going to at least give the game a 3/5 not 2

oldjadedgamer2849d ago

I haven't read the manga, so I'm not in any position to judge the story. Any reviewers that haven't read the manga and review down because of the story are probably angry feminists.

Gameplay seems rather solid with a few smaller problems.

If you have read the manga and still bitch at the story, then power to you. But I doubt the butthurt G4 reviewer has.

Venox20082849d ago

don't take seriously to dumb woman's opinion :)

lil boy blue2849d ago

ya Morgan Webb should get back in the kitchen. (I kid ladies)

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The story is too old to be commented.