280° Crysis 2 To Suffer On Console? Gamescom Report. writes "You couldn’t help but notice Crysis 2 at Gamescom last week and fans must have gotten around to the massive EA booth on the show floor and queued up to get a look at the multiplayer shooter that was on show. Those fortunate to have gotten into the Crysis 2 booth and headed straight for the PC’s all came out quite happy but as I was last in the queue and the only machine left for me was a 360. As I rarely game on PC anymore I was quite happy to get a go on a console version and I still thought that this should look good after all the developers have assured us that they can create stunning graphics on the consoles but how wrong I was. I should point out that this is not a console bashing article, I am a console gamer. Nor is it an Xbox360 V PS3 article as I’m confident that the game will not be any better on the PS3"

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comp_ali2643d ago

IF you think the console version would be the same as PC version then it is your fault. Every multiplat game shines on PC let alone a game like Crysis 2 that's supposed to raise the par in terms of graphics.

Tommykrem2643d ago

Raise it over Uncharted 2, God of War 3 and Killzone 2. Console titles.
I don't think Crytek will be pushing 360 or PS3 to their limits. But I have to wait and see for myself.

The first Crysis of course also looks stunning on full quality (preferably with a few mods)

Double Toasted2643d ago

Why are you mentioning those games, when they didn't even raise the bar over the first Crysis?

Conloles2643d ago

For the millionth time an article about how consoles are inferior to PC, its really just getting old but then again I spose console buyers need to feel justified about their purchase somehow....

Baka-akaB2643d ago

you're the one that feels like constantly reminding people via trolling , about a rather obvious and already established fact .

I still dont know where that feeling of insecurity comes from , and why it turned you into a troll mode captain obvious

raztad2643d ago

"Halo Reach both look much better."

I find this a little hard to believe.

Crytek is putting a lot of effort to optimize the engine on the xbox. I think this guy is just complaining about a pre-alpha version that still requires proper tuning and AntiAliasing treatment.

DaTruth2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

Do you do anything but troll PS3 news reminding people of that fact when nobody cares or asked?

@Baka-akaB: His feelings of insecurity come from the fact that he is not actually a PC gamer but a 360 fanboy who came to the conclusion that 360 will never top PS3 and became so twisted and enraged that he decided to pretend to be a PC gamer, just so he could have some ammo against the PS3!

PS: Bu, bu, bu, teh Crysis 360 will destroy teh PS3 exclusive graphics! Right? RIGHT??? *runs off to cry moar*

ProjectVulcan2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

The problem is this:

The game looks so frickin insane on a good PC and thats the footage they are showing to journos at shows. So thats what their expectation is and they go and play the console version, even if it looks pretty decent for the console they cant shake the Pc versions's ass kicking eye candy out of their minds, such is the gap between them.

If they played another console shooter first and then go to crysis 2 on a console, it might not get as much bashing. Once you seen a fast PC running a top end game like this, there is literally no hope for ANY console game...

evrfighter2642d ago

lol you guys try very hard to label pc gamers here as 360 fanboys. I've been called this many times. I've even been told many I don't own a ps3 o_O

fact is smart people like to remind stupid people how stupid they are.

I'm not sure what it is here. I sometimes believe the ps3 fanboys here are so delusional because of buyers remorse. Me I came to terms. One of my worse console purchases ever.

DaTruth2642d ago

There are no PS3 fanboys trolling PC news... er, when they have any news on the rare occasion, like some multiplatform game releasing with nothing new and only 16x AA to console you!

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BoneIdle2643d ago

I didnt think it would be the same as on PC for a single second, A High powered PC can produce much better than what a console can. But i expected it to be at least at a similar level to other games on console right now. As stated in the article Games like Killzone and Halo look far better. Since they are really selling the graphics side of things i was expecting this to be very good console level graphics. No one is comparing it to a PC.

2643d ago
Socrates2643d ago

Sorry, I don't believe you. The tone of your article made it pretty clear to me that you have an agenda. Basically your whole complaint boils down to the fact an unfinished game had some glitches and that it had jaggies.

I'm sorry, but even when a game has zero anti-aliasing it doesn't look as bad as you made it sound.

The other thing is, why can't I see these horrible graphics in the videos of the 360 version that have been released?

So where are the terrible graphics-destroying jaggies in any of those videos?

It all looks pretty damn amazing for console graphics.

BoneIdle2643d ago

@ Socrates

No the article states ths is an unfinshed product and has time to improve. It focuses on the terrible graphics produced on the Xbox360. And they are more than glitches when you cant see what is on screen.

you cant compare a premade gameplay demo released by the company on youtube to the actual thing in real life.

niceguywii602643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

What gave that away? could it be that the devs never show the PS3 version? LOL I'll take it one step further and say the devs are hiding the PS3 version. Red Dead Redemption all over again. Same thing with Rage and Rage devs. Although the devs show Rage behind closed doors in a controlled setting they never show off the PS3 version to the public or at gaming events. No videos of the PS3 version of Rage.

raztad2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

Even if that is true, KZ3 (mentioned in the article) will blow this game away.

And BTW, RAGE on PS3 was showed in QuakeCon along side with the xbox and PC version.

Talking about RAGE, game is far from being a technical beast. Crysis 2>RAGE.

Persistantthug2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

Looks aren't everything.

Fighting games are a stark example of this.

DeathMetal2643d ago

Street fighter on Pc kills the console version

Nihilism2642d ago

SFIV runs with settings well above what the console version runs, i'm running 32aa and getting over 100 frames in SFIV on PC, lol

bjornbear2643d ago

absolutely. wont stop me and millions of console owners from buying the game and enjoying the hell out it.

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callahan092643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

It better suffer on console because if it doesn't then that's just another way of saying it does suffer on PC. And if there's one version of Crysis 2 that should be all that it can be it's the PC version.

Edit: Why do you disagree? Crysis is a PC franchise first and foremost. It stands tall as the game to show off what kind of immaculate graphics your gaming rig can pull off. Sure other games have higher system requirements, like FFXIV and Metro 2033, but those games are just simply not as impressive of a visual spectacle as Crysis. Crysis 2 should continue that tradition on PC. And if it's no better than the console versions, it's failing to do that, because we all know that a top-quality gaming rig today is many times more capable and more powerful than a PS3 or 360.

callahan092643d ago

I have been noticing something around here lately: If you're a PC fan, you're going to get blasted with disagrees. Nobody around here has any respect for PC games or PC gamers.

MysticStrummer2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

I can't speak for everyone else, but I hate on PC gamers because their insecurity about their chosen platform makes them comment on articles that have nothing to do with any PC game. They feel the need to jump in and comment on articles about consoles and console games, just to tell us all how much better PC gaming is. It's pathetic. I also don't disagree when they talk about having superior visuals. I just don't give a damn and will say so.

MaxXAttaxX2643d ago

They didn't feel insecure about their superior systems and stopped coming on console articles saying how superior a certain game would be if it ran on PC, whether it'd be multiplatform or exclusive.

Don't you guys have any games to play? Or is trolling your favorite PC game?
Jk, sorry I went too far.

Cock4Gamers2642d ago

wouldn't have to come into articles if PS3 gamers didn't waltz around N4G trolling every article while stating that Uncharted or Killzone has better graphics than X game and that the PS3 is SO much more powerful than the 360. When one faction acts like d-bags, there is always another one with more ammo to try and out douche you. It's a vicious cycle that will end when people on N4G start acting like gamers instead of arm chair engineers.

ShinMaster2642d ago

I don't think PS3 gamers going to PC articles as much as PC trolls come into PS3/360/console articles.

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Tommykrem2643d ago

Yeah, I never really had any faith in Crytek on consoles.
Or in Crytek at all. I would like to say that it is the gameplay that matters, but Crysis would be pretty crappy without graphics and physics, so I'm not going to say that.

theonlylolking2643d ago

Look at the vids and tell us which one you think is holing crysis 2's graphical capabilities back?

Now tell me which one do you think is holding it back?

Marquis_de_Sade2643d ago

The consoles have already held back the PC version due to their lack of memory, resulting in a more corridor based urban experience compared to the open jungle of the first.

ShinMaster2643d ago

From what I see in those multiplayer vids:

1. Crysis (even with some choppy frame-rate)
2. Killzone 3
3. Reach (gameplay is good though)

gijsbrecht2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

@ ShinGino: Am I wrong to think that the Crysis vid is actually the singleplayer and not the multiplayer? And not to bash the game or anything for it is a goodlooking game, but why is it that when Crysis is being hailed as such a graphical benchmark, videos are being shown where almost nothing is happening. Shooting at trees and leafs?

ShinMaster2642d ago

Ok, I'll take your word for it. I don't play or care for Crysis.

Socrates2643d ago

In my opinion the Halo Reach video looked better than the Killzone 3 video. I wasn't impressed by the Killzone 3 video. The graphics looked blurry and washed out.

ShinMaster2642d ago

No matter what you say, you won't change anyone's mind, including your own!

Yeah, Halo has better, richer graphics than Killzone 3, especially the lighting. Hahaha :P

DelbertGrady2643d ago

Pretty obvious, is it not? Graphics cards and processors from 2006 vs graphics cards and processors from 2010.

I'm pretty sure Crytek won't compromise the PC version for the console versions. They are probably developing them separately, or making the PC version first and then dumbing it down for the consoles.

Very much looking forward to the game. From what I've seen it looks fantastic. Crysis 2, Brink, Halo: Reach, RAGE. Haven't seen a line-up of FPS games that strong since...well...ever..

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