Bioshock Early Release Confirmed?

It appears that BioShock has changed it's release date to today. There has no been any official conformation from Microsoft or Take Two and neither of their PR agencies are available for contact. However, many things are proving that this is true...

Below is a video in which (As the website states) the trailer that stated the release of the Bioshock demo is shortened and ends with a "Blink and you'll miss it", "Available Now" message instead of "Download The Demo Now"

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bym051d4059d ago

Wonder how this affects the statement by the publisher yesterday that the PC demo would be out before the game is released?

predator4059d ago

i wonder if this will come across the pond to us in the uk

jay34059d ago

it's only out in a certan place in America...

So it's gay, but meh, maybe we can go on Wiki and find out the story early.

InMyOpinion4059d ago

Jay rhymes with gay ;)

Coincidence? Don't think so!

BlLL GATES4058d ago

Coincidence? I think not.

Syko4059d ago

Can anyone confirm this. I will go get it on my lunch break even though I wont get my Xbox back till Friday. I just want to have it ready to go so I can play it immediately upon receiving my 360.

Gamestop or Wal-Mart or where?! Must know... Any more info on this would be appreciated.

jay34059d ago

All the people are calling their local stores. Some people have said that they're stores have it. It seems every store has it, just finding a store that will give it to you is hard. You should bribe the cashier with Pokémon cards or something.

Syko4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

@jay3: LMAO, LET ME SHOW YOU MY POKEMANS!!! Now give me the Bioshock Bish!!

@Azurite: Yeah but changing the release date and finding a couple of stores breaking the street date are 2 TOTALLY different things. I want to know if by tommorow I can go to almost any store and get it. Or if it is only stores with incompetent people in charge releasing early. If they "Officialy" changed the release date it should be everywhere by tomorrow.

jay34059d ago

"Listen, dude, we don't have it!"

"Ok, ok, i get it, you won't give it to me...

But how about my little friend, Pikachu? Hmm?"

"Ugh!!! So! TEMPTING!"

That would be awesome.

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CNIVEK4059d ago I might as well wait. :(

neil19884059d ago

ya i just called my gamestop an i have reserved and completuly paied for it and they touled me that it is still coming out the 21st . darn lol oh well its just six day away

tplarkin74059d ago

I just called Gamestop in Illinois and they said 8/21.

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The story is too old to be commented.