More Bugs in Madden 2008 for 360

PSYKOMANTiS waited for weeks, days, hours, minutes to get my copy of Madden 2008 for my Xbox 360. PSYKOMANTiS could not wait for what is to him, the football experience that always seems to kick off the season of pigskin video gaming. This is the pinnacle of greatness...sitting on the couch with your friends, a couple beers, and some beef sandwiches.


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TriggerHappy3936d ago

Now there is an agry gamer...Anyone else having these problems ?

sticky doja3936d ago

but my neighbor has it and he hasnt said a word about anything like this.

Armyless3936d ago

And not an accurate representation of Favre's football skills? (with the exception of running through solid matter)

Rooftrellen3936d ago

Ouch, but...true.

Farve wasn't the one going though solid matter, though, but where his skills are currently, and on the Packers, I'm not even sure that would make him a great QB.

BlLL GATES3935d ago

the only ones having these problems are the poor rrodmachine owners hahahaha
everything about that system sucks hahahah
poor games, poor gamers, poor system

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timmyp533936d ago

he walked right through the wall...

CNIVEK3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

No review...for ANY version, ever mentioned any bugs like this; this guy apparently got a bad copy. Regardless, just like with Madden's Raiders little 13 y.o. rant he sent to EA, this IS NOT how you get results....cursing, and acting like a total jackass.

As for the walking through the barrier....when you're running at 60fps, no weak-ass digital wall is gonna stop you! :p

sticky doja3936d ago

"As for the walking through the barrier....when you're running at 60fps, no weak-ass digital wall is gonna stop you!"

I don't care who you are, thats funny.

Mu5afir3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Yeah, you just stated that every other copy of madden is different.. which I am sure can't be since they make the EXACT SAME COPY of the game over and over again. It's called "mass production" look it up, and don't call people an "idiot", thanks.

You can't simply get a BAD COPY with BUGS maybe a bad copy that won't play. But a BAD COPY of a game doesn't have bugs, all copies of the game do.

ReBurn3936d ago

I doubt if there's any differences between copies on release day. But in any event, he's having issues.

Armyless3936d ago

because my comments can't do it justice.

"What an Idiot", "this guy apparently got a bad copy".

Vip3r3936d ago

"this guy apparently got a bad copy."

LOL quote of the day. Please explain how can someone get a bad copy?

Ju3936d ago

That cries for a comment. Yeah right. A "bad copy". This made my day. Now DVDs rot on the shelfs. I though it was "fresh meat", how can that rot within a day. ... bad copy... ha ha ha... lol can't stop it.

Kratos123936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

CNIVEK proved to be the biggest idiot with his "BAD COPY" comment :)

Do us all a favor and please dont show your face here again. I wouldnt if I were you after such a stupid comment.

PS: I just showed this to my boss and he fell off his chair laughing.

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THC CELL3936d ago

Sorry i just laugh my head clean off

He is right man. Why?

TriggerHappy3936d ago

EA - Why you ask ? Simple my friend, MONEY

n4gbrane3936d ago

what does that mean? must have a bad copy...?

bad copies skip or don't play at all.. bugs like these result from bad code. code can't get rewritten during a disc burn.