Kaplan: Metroid Prime Preview Channel was just the beginning

Nintendo delivered a pleasant surprise to North American Wii owners last week with the arrival of a new Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Preview channel to adorn their Wii menus. If you were one of the lucky Nintendo fans to enjoy that, then ready yourself for similarly pleasant offerings from Nintendo in the months to come.

"We still have a lot of our more traditional marketing efforts planned," said Kaplan. "People will see it all shortly, from ads to many of the usual tactics we use to support our key products."

She continued:

"And no, I'm still not going to spoil the fun and tell you about it ahead of time."

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ReBurn3990d ago

I guess this means that I'm an unlucky Nintendo fan. I guess I'd better get to actually registering those silly codes.

ItsDubC3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

Which codes? Wii Code? Friend codes? I haven't registered anything. I don't know if I want regular mailings from Nintendo or any game company for that matter. Granted, I might miss something, but isn't that what N4G is for? =)

jigaman3990d ago

They're cool and it's a nice surprise if you own a Wii. My friend even got a free subscription to Nintendo Power because he registered 3 or more games to the Nintendo site. Despite the previews being available to watch online it's cooler to see it on your Wii.

MyNutsYourChin3990d ago

I like waking up to the blue-glowing slot, turning on my Wii, and seeing what's new. I thought the Metroid Prime 3 preview was pretty nice. A demo would be even better.

I hope Kaplan is implying that future games will also have previews or demos.

ItsDubC3990d ago

The glowing slot definitely adds excitement to my day (yes, my life is that awesome) and while I would love to see an MP3 demo and demos of future titles, I don't see it happening until a firmware update allows for the addition of external storage. Demos would certainly be enough of a justification to allow for storage options.

But I think Nintendo will take it one step at a time and that they'll eventually get to it. For now, I think the MP3 preview is awesome.