Aussie Halo 3 Video Interview

Pidgeo was extremely fortunate to get to spend about an hour with Frankie and Lars Bakken from Bungie today to ask about all the things that haven't been made public yet. One thing is for sure is that Halo 3 will be full of amazing surprises right up to its September 25 launch. Here is the link to "Seven Questions with Pidgeo - Bungie edition"

Find out some personal feelings from Frankie and Lars in this special video interview filmed at Microsoft HQ in Australia.

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MoonDust4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

nuff said.
Direct link to video:

The Chief of Mjolnir4022d ago

And I know Saved Films are awesome.

I think it´s just more than 40 days now.

So stop teasing me with this kinda stuff!

Cr4zy1v4n4022d ago

The coolest thing is definitely going to be the saved films. Forge sounds pretty tight, and can also be used by Bungie later on in order to change around a level and use put it in an update. Also Frankie said something about having a tool in co-op legendary that could make it less n00b for more experienced players who still want to play 4-P... Prehaps a variant of Forge that allows campaign levels and enemies to be tweaked?

And Sam... There's a buttload more new stuff in HAlo 3