Free split-screen multiplayer mode on the way for Overlord

Codemasters just sent out a press release in which the publisher announces its Games Convention 2007 line-up. The Games Convention line-up from Codemasters consisted of playable versions from Turning Point: Fall of Libery, Clive Barkers: Jericho on Xbox 360 and Colin Mcrae: DiRT on Playstation 3.

Besides that, Codemasters will show, and release, the first downloadable content for its evil action/adventure game Overlord, which was released last month. This content will actually be huge, as a full split-screen head-to-head multiplayer mode will be added to the game when you download this content. And above all: the content is completely free!

Now word on what the multiplayer mode will be exactly be, but it is slated for a release some time during Games Convention 2007, which starts of with a press day on August 22.

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RadientFlux4058d ago

Nice split-screen multiplayer Overload will be sweet and a nice change of pace from the FPS multiplayer frag fest.

bung tickler4058d ago

they need to fix thier damn game breaking bugs first... ive been stuck half way through the game for 5 weeks now. whores. "we are working on it bla bla bla" my ass.

Excalibur4058d ago

(Not bragging) But I beat it weeks ago.

razer4058d ago

Completed it as both a good overlord and evil overlord.

This is a underrated title and deserves much success.

Covenant4058d ago

If you have a 360, you owe it to yourself to try this game. Think Pikmin...evil Pikmin. Definitely worth a rental.