Guitar Hero III confirmed for Nintendo DS

Rumours of a Guitar Hero title for the Nintendo DS have been on the boil for quite some time now, but now it looks as if we've finally got a positive conformation from Charles Huang, co-founder of developer RedOctane.

"We're hoping to really bring the experience to the DS and to do some very, very different approaches. We're working through a lot of engineering issues with Nintendo," he said.

The RedOctane boss also hinted that there would be a custom peripheral designed especially for the Nintendo DS version of Guitar Hero III.

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bym051d4053d ago

I really can't fathom how this game is going to be played and still be faithful to the Guitar Hero experience.

ItsDubC4053d ago

I'm just wondering if the DS version will also be $90 w/ the new peripheral, and whether making a large-enough-to-be-useful peripheral for a handheld even makes sense. $90 seems like a lot for a handheld game.

kcdude4053d ago

I'm guessing that because the peripheral would be smaller, it would most likely cost less to manufacture. So I'd say the game including the peripheral would cost around $60 at the most.

Opax04053d ago

I bet the game will be played by holding down one of the arrow buttons while playing a string on the touchscreen :P

bym051d4053d ago

If so, that's going to suck for lefties, just like the sisters bonus game on Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin does.

Syko4053d ago

This game was never meant to be played in public outings, unless everyone around is playing or there to watch. If you just bust out on a train people will think you're a total douchebag. I'll keep my rockstar fantasies in my living room.

Plus Expert on the DS **Shivers**

BIadestarX4053d ago

I am afraid how this will translate... I mean, what makes this game special is that you play it when an input device that tryies to mimick the real thing(Guitar).... take that away and you have just another Parapa the raper, boom boom rocket and dance revolution with controllers.

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