Haze Developer: 'PSN Offers More Freedom Than Xbox Live'

SPOnG caught up with the developers behind Haze, Free Radical, yesterday, and amid all the chat about entering warzones jacked up on drugs and who'd win in a fight between Buddha and Jesus†, some interesting things were said about the PlayStation Network. Specifically, the joy and the terror provided by the freedom it enables.

"The disadvantage of the Sony stuff is that there isn't as much defined by Sony as to how you have to do things - they leave it very much up to you" Derek Littlewood, project leader on Haze told us.

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Meus Renaissance4060d ago

Over the past few days, we've seen an upsurge of articles favouring one console over the other.

What is up with that?

Honeal2g4060d ago

i dont just mean for ps3 but 360 aswell....i really dont see the big deal with this game. yes i guess i am being kinda biased because i am a fan of halo but i also think killzone is gonna be smash the way gears was.. but Haze doesnt look all that appealing those helmets just look so "halo" that it looks like a rip off. gameplay looks kool with the drugs and all but COD4 should be gettin more attention than this game!

Kleptic4060d ago

the past few days?...that is pretty much 60% of the news on this site...and pretty much most of the news in this industry overall...

in either case...interesting read...especially considering the guys who said the PSN would flop like the PS2's playstation online service, and would take this entire generation to get to where XBL is now...

JPomper4060d ago

So he's saying PSN has the potential to offer for features than XBL.

Paying for potential.

Delive4060d ago

XBL has a vast amount of media and games compared to the free PSN, but you get what you pay for. Then again, the PS3 has a very low failure rate and a vast amount of functionality and freedom compared to the less expensive 360..... You get what you pay for too?

DADO4060d ago

UT3 developers said the same. They are not saying that the PSN is better, it has less limitations. Sony does not give them as many restriction as MS does.
JPomper the PSN is free. Nothing to pay for.

Bill Gates4060d ago

I seriously don't understand why the XBOTS don't all just unite like they do on this site and boycott XBL until M$ gives it to them the way it should be, FREE. But I guess they're so BRAINWASHED it's too late. Poor souls indeed.....AAAAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAH A

Razzy4060d ago

C'mon Bill, you know xbots do whatever M$ tells them to. ;)