Warhawk Launching Simultaneously

PS blog :

"Hi Everyone,

Dylan Jobe wants to let you all know that our SCEE team is working very, very hard on getting the game ready. And I want to assure all of our UK players that we *they* care very much about shipping Warhawk simultaneously with the US version and that is still our goal.

They just want to make sure that when the say "the game is gold" they really are done! These things have to bake for awhile before they can feel comfortable saying "it's done"…

…He know you all can appreciate that.

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Shadow Flare3989d ago

this is first in line for my most anticipated games

roll on warhawk

Rythrine3989d ago

If this happens, Warhawk online will be a mayhem.

Violater3989d ago

He did not confirm, he only stated that Simultaneous shipping is their "GOAL"

Bazookajoe_833989d ago

Do you think the server can handle all the downloads? How many will download this game?

ZombiesNJ3989d ago

Not everyone will be downloading the game. A lot of people will be buying retail as well and i'm sure in the first few hours available it might be a little slow but after that things will be fine.

Marty83703989d ago

I've pre-ordered the retail copy of 'Warhawk'. £32 with a headset is a bargain price.

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The story is too old to be commented.