Persona 3 Review from 1UP

Atlus' esoteric Shin Megami Tensei franchise has languished on the periphery of U.S. console roleplaying for over a decade now, but hopefully this excellent installment in the company's endearing Persona offshoot receives the attention it deserves. Not terribly unlike the ubiquitous Final Fantasy brand, "MegaTen" (as its friends call it) has grown to encompass a vast array of subseries and genre experiments that all adhere to specific aesthetic and narrative themes centered on how the "real" world of modern Japan interacts with a shadowy underworld inhabited by demons drawn from various ancient religions. The Persona games stand apart from the pack by blending this complex mythology with all the drama and hijinks of the Japanese public-school system -- imagine, if you will, Saved by the Bell: The Satanic Years.

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