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Why we need to play as the Taliban

If done well, the Taliban option can give gamers a whole new sense of respect for the men and women fighting them in real life. (EA, PS3, Xbox 360)

r0gueZA  +   1517d ago
LOL, interesting take on the heated topic!
DavidMacDougall  +   1517d ago
This topic was boring as soon as this shit started.
HSx9  +   1517d ago
lol the author says the Taliban are hard working men? Are you seriously trying to make a joke here? The Taliban are pure evil, and they are hated all over middle east, they're main focus is to over run countries who are weak, the author should go read and stop being an idiot.

Taliban are like United States Gangsters, except the taliban got more fire power and don't fu** around.
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UP  +   1517d ago
Also do not forget the Taliban are scumbags and use women, children, and innocent civilians as bombs and shields. They are scumbags. I honestly have to desire to play as them in a story mode. I would be ok with multiplayer as long as you do not do the for-mentioned things I listed.

Eidit: why the disagree the Tailban are scumbags. What are they honorable people to you or what. They do use Women and children and other innocent civilians as bombs and shields.

Edit: you did not just call me more evil then the tailban did you? are you saying that I use children and women as bombs to blow up my enemy. I know there are good people in the area they are just put down by the evil ones. GTFO.
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Eamon  +   1517d ago
HSx9 and UP, you both are worse than Fox News.

You're probably more evil than the Taliban, mate. Cuz they are really religious conservative people.

Sure, they have a lot of flaws and stuff that makes the West look down on them but they are not evil and they simply fighting for their land and country.

Don't forget, America are the invaders and occupiers. But anyway, the war will end soon and it will be just like how Russia left Afghanistan.
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darren_poolies  +   1517d ago
@ HSx9 and UP

'One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter'
mastiffchild  +   1517d ago
Did no one else watch any of the way pre-war documentaries about the Taliban's regime? As a governing force they were terrifying to my, very tolerant, eyes. I think it's VERY understandable for westerners with little to no knowege of the hardline religious tenets of people like the Taliban to see them as purely evil because they were a non elected regime forcing their laws and ways upon large expanses of their populace resulting in women starving if they had no men folk to go to the shops for them and getting publicly stoned, often by relatives if they dared to venture out alone themselves. Shar'ian law(sorry about the misspelling)is not something I'd ever agree with and even lessa so without your whole nation WANTING to follow it but, sadly, it doesn't allow any tolerance of other beliefs which left the atrocities done in it's name an everyday certainty for as long as it existed out there. It's one case where I feel something needed to be done for the people suffering at the hands of a sect they never signed up to.

Thing is, as it's a religious(or so we're led to believe but who's to say there aren't monetary greeds behind a lot of these things these days with those believing the doctrine being the ones doing the dirty work?)stance, they were never going to negotiate more freedoms for those not believing their interpretation of Islam and force became, even before 9/11, a more likely outcome if we wanted some hope for large swathes of Afghans, no?

"Evil" is a nasty word and not one I'd use even here. Sre, their acts have been called evil and some certainly are but it doesn't make all those involved evil at all-some can be put down to a hardline belief system but in today's world any religious sect must allow for people not to share their views and this is the root of all the hatred and trouble being found in that part of the world today, imho. Had the Taliban allowed for Christians, different sects of Muslims and so on to follow their beliefs there would have been some hope for talking out there but as it was I saw no other outcome. In the UK I'm certain people would be allowed to follow their beliefs as long as the law of the land wasn't broken but when the law of the land is SO religion based it doesn't allow for tolerance and this is where the two mindsets can never be aligned.

Gamers won't, btw,even think about the plight of whioever they play as which is what made this a non issue from the very start.
itivino  +   1517d ago
Eamon, really? Calling people worse than terrorists is a pretty loaded charge. You think by making moral equivalencies you are all high and better than everyone - you just don't have the balls to take a side.

Those guys would kill you and your family in a second if they had the chance just for not being a Muslim. They hate women, brainwash kids to blow up civilians, and they've made it their life purpose to kill all infidels. If you aren't willing to call that evil, then maybe you should go try living with them?
Philoctetes  +   1517d ago
It makes me sad that people are unwilling or unable to recognize real evil when they see it. The Taliban absolutely qualifies.
NYPunkster  +   1517d ago
MoH day 1 buy!
The more people talk about it the more free press MoH will get.

dinkeldinkse  +   1517d ago
"You're probably more evil than the Taliban"
Unless HSx9 and UP are Stalin and Hitler, Eamon made one of the dumbest statements I have ever heard.
darren_poolies  +   1517d ago
You can call many people evil such as the Taliban, Hitler, Stalin etc. but no one is truly evil because they are only doing what they believe or believed was right. Now in no way am I defending their actions as I despise them for what they did but you have to look at it from another point of view and think why they did what they did. They thought they were doing good so does that make them pure evil? Doing what they thought was right?
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barom  +   1517d ago
I actually do wish someone would make a game that sheds some bad light on US. It seems every war game glorifies America's military force and its killings and in doing so also cuts down the respect for other countries. If only people could view the USA from the outside for one moment to realize that the US is the cause for a lot of shitty stuff too.
Cevapi88  +   1517d ago
first of all, if any of you think that al qaeda=taliban...you are seriously misinformed....the taliban arent trying to overrun any countries...their rise came from the invasion of afghanistan in the 80's by the USSR...the taliban used guerilla warfare to fight the Soviets with money and arms supplied by the US...what you need to understand is that was the cold war, the ultimate goal was to make the Soviets lose...millions upon millions of dollars were spent on weaponry....the moment the war ended and the soviets pulled out....all that money vanished....the US stopped supplying weapons and left a weak decentralised country fend for itself....a power vacuum needed to be filled....and guess who gained that power....the ones with the guns...nothing was done to rebuild afghanistan....no money came to build schools, set up a strong government....i find it funny that people are surprised when they realize that the US had a lot to do with the taliban taking over afghanistan....and this is not iraq...most of these men are husbands and fathers fighting due to the loss of family members from US forces...most are just common village men who have been raised to live like there ancestors have for centuries...the real taliban are those that grew through the fall-out of the Cold-war...those are the men that need to be taken care of in order for there to peace in that country and that sadly looks like will never happen....the US really has another vietnam on their hands
AAACE5  +   1517d ago
I'm not even going to read it, but it probably says...
... something about trying to get us to see the other side. For us to understand why they are fighting us!

Either way, I don't care! It doesn't change the fact that soldiers are dying over there and most people just want our troops out of there! It's kinda hard to consider this a war, because in a war, you usually can identify your enemy! What we have is a bunch of people moving along the civilians and setting traps!

It's like that old saying... "You can't kill, what you can't see!"
barom  +   1517d ago
It's actually quite different and pretty much the opposite. The article is actually trying to address the critics who thinks its wrong to allow you to play as a terrorist.

Author's idea? Make a Taliban mission made where the Taliban are portrayed as angry terrorist crazies so that we can appreciate the efforts of American troops.
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Eamon  +   1517d ago
People misinterpret when I said "You're probably more evil."

I meant that the Taliban are not "evil" in the sense you making it out to be. They believe they are doing good and righteous actions and fighting a worthy cause.

And wtf, they aren't terrorists. Do you even know what the word means? Seems, just because the media uses that word all time the time these days everyone is throwing it around.

They are insurgents fighting on their homeland.

And guys, read Cevapi88's nice little essay above.
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coolman229  +   1516d ago
Wow, can't you guys stop hating? The Taliban are terrorists. They are bad guys. Can't you people get over it? I guess this is no use because this site is a nest for idiots

@UP I agree all the way
sandip787  +   1517d ago
how would multiplayer work without the taliban side... US army vs US army? US army vs zombies? US army vs spartans? what would people have there in place of taliban? the author delves into this topic too deep. it isnt about having a new perspective on war. its to have 2 fucking teams fighting against each other
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Playerz8  +   1517d ago
"Why we need to play as the Taliban"
Lol, what an anti-american quote.
badz149  +   1517d ago
"need to"?
I don't think that any of us, gamers are in "need to" play as taliban, even as the us army, british army, russian or even anything! we just play as what the game offers but why do we have to come through all these BS propaganda?! IT'S A FVCKING GAME! as long as it doesn't take a piss of any religion, or maybe country also (to a certain extent) then I'm ok with it.
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yewles1  +   1517d ago
"If done well, that Taliban option can give gamers a whole new sense of respect for the men and women fighting them in real life. That would be an enormous accomplishment for anything. In any media."

Somehow, I doubt that's what the devs have in mind.
-Alpha  +   1517d ago
Exactly what I'm thinking. In fact, it's the controversy as playing as them that I think they are hoping will help generate the attention for this game. Because really, Halo Reach and Black Ops are going to dominate over MoH.
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Soldierone  +   1517d ago
Sales wise? Yep. Quality wise? Nope.

Its not even EA that is using it. Its Fox using it, its journalists making stories like this using it. EA has never even done anything with it, they send a comment here and there, but nothing like they did with Dante's Inferno.
Soldierone  +   1517d ago
Why wouldnt it? After all this is all the trailers are set out to be. If you ever watch interviews or even talk with the devs behind the story and entire game you see they have a true respect for our soldiers, and they are setting out to show people why soldiers are so great.

Is it the goal in multiplayer? No, but there is a thing most COD players dont know exists....its called a single player STORY!
badz149  +   1517d ago
for me EA is just trying to bring something different with MoH
but it's mainly the western media who are hot on EA's tail regarding this! we've been playing as terrorist for ages but why suddenly it's an issue when they changed the term "terrorist" -> "taliban"? both are still just pixels on screen to me! are these retarded people really think that a game as an entertainment media can really be like terrorist trainer or something?? stupid people are stupid!
tunaks1  +   1517d ago
In COD4 American soldiers also get killed. Just accept that some will be offended and get on with it, not everyone needs to be praising or condemning the game. The buzz around the Taliban being playable reminds me too much of the fake protests that EA set up for Dante's Inferno.
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Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1517d ago
I honestly believe
EA themselves is creating the controversy.
skip2mylou  +   1517d ago
except they arent look at the No Russian mission in MW2, they raised controversy and after like 2 months it released everyone forgot about it. this isnt EA making contraversy its idiotic douches who think that they are heroes for saying crap that doesnt affect anything, why didnt they have any problems with WW2 games or Vietnam games hell they have no problem with Resident Evil games, Resisitance games or any other games
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1517d ago
The no russian was controversy because it crossed the line a let you be a terrorist. While being a Taliban soldier in mp may cause controversy it shouldnt be anywhere near as controversial as it is. Those old WW2 games didnt have missions that let you be a terrorist. RE5 DID get controversy. And why would anyone complain about Resistance? Do you know what the term controversy means?
skip2mylou  +   1517d ago
i never said no russian never created Controversy, I said after 2 months all talk about it pretty much died, yes only RE5 got controversy but it was for a little bit too Resistance made controversy because it used a holy church in England were it was blown up but all talks about it died after sony apologized but they didnt remove the game from shelves, i think you need to go and look for other topics to talk about because i know controversy means. WW2 makes you look at terriorist if you look at it from other perspectives like the families who were raped killed tortured and kicked out of their homes. YOU on the other hand need to go and look at peoples comments because you overreacted
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mastiffchild  +   1517d ago
"No Russian" became gratuitous and tasteless the moment it asked you if you wanted to bother playing it. It wasn't needed for the story and could have been better done in another way imho as it offered nothing that couldn't have been told better another way, offered no challenge in gameplay terms and if you know why you couldn't just kill Makarov at the time I'd love the secret shared! Apart from anything else it wasn't convincing which adds even further to the thought that it was there(and remember the very FIRST teaser for MW2 was from that part of the game so they def wanted it noticed by the media, imho)purely to generate column inches of outrage for Acti.

IDK about MoH because, being honest, you have to have two sides in competitive MP and they did the normal thing of using the two sides from a part of the SP. I don't think that much thought went into it and to suggest it's there to encourage deeper thought about the plight of the Taliban is plain daft to me. Great big storm in a tiny, teeny, pinkie raising teacup. We need to stop reading things into games when it isn't there and no disrespect was ever meant to anyone at all-two sides are a vital part of competitive MP, these were a faction in the game and that's about it. Move along, no?
Soldierone  +   1517d ago
Corrections need to be said here.

-You didnt play as a terrorist. Anyone that says otherwise didnt PLAY the game, or didn't pay attention to the story at all. You were an operative getting in behind enemy lines and finding the bigger truth to it all.

-You didnt have to kill anyone. In fact IW said 90 percent of the testers didnt even shoot a bullet during that scene. It was a dramatic scene, you not shooting only helped the story which has a spoiler alert.

-Movies do this crap ALL THE TIME! Yes there have been stories where the good guy is playing the bad guy and even kills people. Yes there are movies that show things much worse than this. Its common in media. Get over it, ITS JUST A GAME.
djmindz  +   1517d ago
i don't get whats all the fuss about, first of all we already had a game were you could play as an terrorist "insurgent" vs US marine core

its called Insurgency its a HL 2 mod it has maps of iraq pakistan and afghanistan nobody said anything about the game and it was released in 2007 when USA was already fighting iraq & afghanistan this Medal Of Honor damage has to stop
Dead_Cell  +   1517d ago
They're fucking pixels guys.
It's just a character skin, EA isn't exactly asking you to be-head somebody here.
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1517d ago
You have no idea
what the controversy is about do you?
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1517d ago
"If done well, that Taliban option can give gamers a whole new sense of respect for the men and women fighting them in real life. That would be an enormous accomplishment for anything. In any media."

Hardly. Sorry but this article is a bit naive (for lack of a less offensive word)
UP  +   1517d ago
yea that is naive. I am pretty sure that playing as the people fighting against the taliban and give just as much respect or morel to the people fighting them in real life that playing as the tailban would.
mastiffchild  +   1517d ago
Is it the job of games in any case and would it even be desirable for gaming to take on that kind of responsibility? I'd think a media with more mainstream gravity is the place for this discussion where, in all honesty, I think the whole controversy is the result of EA just using, as anyone does, a faction from the game for part of the multiplayer. I just don't see any great level of thought here and definitely no attempt to educate anyone about anything.

I'm not even sure whether games should be broaching deep issues like this in a game where the main draw will always be the shooting. Seriously, I'd say it's best to move along and accept that, maybe, the debate surrounding it is the best place for a few gamers to learn more about the situation in that part of the world rather than in game where the emphasis is just on bloody fragging, no? I think games CAN talk about deeper issues than they generally do but an FPS without choices and so on? Can that really be the best place unless a developer really wants to preach? And how would that sit with their audience sales wise? Leave it for a better space than a shooter and a mainstream, shallow one at that.
enkeixpress  +   1517d ago
... I'd like to play as a Taliban.

I wanna' know what's it like to die from their point of view..

I figure it'd be something like this: "Allajihah? ... AAHLIJAH?!!? .. Allahjiha??.... Arrrrrgggggggghhhhhh!!!!" *BANG*BANG**BANG* *bullets flying all over the place* .. *silence* ... *B-B-B-OOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! !!!!*

Debris & Bodies of the taliban flying all over the damn place. >:D

Kinda like how it plays out in Team America: World Police. :P
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skip2mylou  +   1517d ago
except they dont care about Allah they do what they think isa best for them
HSx9  +   1517d ago
Middle East and the Taliban forces are not the same thing, they hate the Taliban as much as they hate the United States for invading their country, some people need to read books now a days, go read a book called "Kite Runner" if it wasn't for that I would be as stupid as the people who think The Taliban are nice people who do nice things.
UP  +   1517d ago
another well said comment HSx9. Most of the middle east is made up of "Good" Muslims it is just that if any of them speak out they would be killed or worse. If all the 'Good" Muslims banded together against the "Bad" Muslims the place would be a peaceful place.
Eamon  +   1517d ago

"Good" muslims and "bad" muslims.

You do realise all of your views are subjective.
If you look at it objectively you will realise this is all just a matter of difference of culture and way of thinking.

They see drinking alcohol and getting pissed and getting laid with prostitutes as worse than flogging a person for commiting a criminal act.

Once you wake up and think out of the box you will realise the moral relativism in this world and start to acknowledge difference of opinion and stop having this distorted stubborn sense of justice.
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1517d ago
"distorted stubborn sense of justice."
Youre joking right? If you think that believing in good and bad is distorted and stubborn then amuse me and tell me what moral relativism is. A belief system that tells you that you can decide right and wrong for yourself is not only dangerous but I find that most moral relativists (mostly atheists) are inconsistent with there beliefs. If you wanna know why atheists arent allowed to be president.... this is why.
Jrome  +   1517d ago
@ Eamon
Think out of teh box eamon? By golly gosh no...north america and europe is teh defining kulture of teh werld. errywun must do as we do for we are "first world countries"./end of sarcasm

We need to wake up and stop listening to the propoganda filled news...and realize that north americans, and the british ARE FKING GANGSTERS WHO BULLY OTHER COUNTRIES. We invade countries to make them like us...because after that happens...WE CONTROL THEM.
skip2mylou  +   1517d ago
im just saying the talibans dont care what Allah thinks they re doing what they think is best for them i never said muslims were all bad
mastiffchild  +   1517d ago
IDK about all this but guess the main issue most western minds would have with regimes like the Taliban's would be how totally intolerant they are of anything outside their own very narrow interpretation of the Koran. Agreed most westerners wouldn't know the difference between Shia and Sunni BUT would be happy to see anyone with those views practise them in our western countries and get confused when the same isn't true in some hard line Muslim states. Isn't that the basic point of friction here?

Because we have freedoms in the US and UK about religion and expression makes it hard for us to understand regimes that don't allow it and harder for us to grasp why those states would hate our system when we would offer them more freedoms than they offer their own people. Also, if the Taliban aren't an overly controlling regime I don't know quite what is and the independent, pre war films on the subject can be truly terrifying even for those with a basic grasp of what these folk believe as they governed a nation where a great number never wanted nor asked for the kinds of laws or controls imposed, very brutally at times, upon them. Sure, there are bad things and abuses in western culture and a lot of ignorance towards others but that is definitely a two way street and the way forward is more tolerance not less and the place to discuss it isn't an EA shooter.

Also, Muslom governments are equally capable of being corrupt as western one, Asian ones or martian ones! I don't like the term "evil" as it means throwing or beliefs around like laws but can ony preach we all be more tolerant of everyone elses religious views. I don't see why anyone deserves a bad rap for being atheist either-I'm atheist myself and don't really see why people DO believe in any God but would NEVER take that right from them and live to a code which, I think, wouldn't, morally, upset many people outside the VERY hardline of the established religions. Atheists can be just as responsible as anyone else and shouldn't be held back from office because they feel religion is little more than superstition, for them, as long as, as most do, they accept a lot of folk have massive, important faith in their lives. Again, respect and tolerance is all we can hope for as we aren't all converting one way or the other any time soon.
wedgie  +   1517d ago

If you enjoyed "Kite Runner" I would also recommend "A Thousand Splendid Suns." It was the same author and also a very great book.

And it's only a multiplayer aspect in a video game, not some political insight. Not that big of a deal.

And the Taliban (I did not say Afghanistan or Iraq) are monsters. No question. A person's beliefs are fine and should not be judged until they start hurting others, which they have done and continue to do.

If anyone likes to defend the Taliban just for the sake of being tolerant of people's views, I heard about this guy Hitler who also had an interesting take on the world. We probably should have been tolerant of him, right?
Eamon  +   1517d ago
@ ExgamerLegends

I never meant you should not have a sense of right or wrong. Basically, what I really mean is how I feel annoyed at how people automatically get labelled as "evil" or "scum" just because a couple of their actions were highlighted in the media.

The Taliban are not "evil" or "scum." They simply live by their own standards. If you really think they are monsters then I'm sorry to say but biased news services have worked their magic on you.

Why do these sources of media try to give you this "image" of the Taliban? Simply because the American government needs public support when they are waging wars or occupying other countries.

Like mastiffchild said, people need to have respect and tolerance for others.

As for Hitler, his moral views were completely intolerant of other people/cultures/ideologies etc. He was a dictator and caused genocide and could be considered "evil" from our perspective. But remember, that is from "our perspective." The Nazis consider him godly.
HSx9  +   1517d ago
Yes, I honestly don't care about playing as the Taliban on a video game, my main concern here is that people are thinking the Taliban represent the Middle East, when I'm trying to say that they do not. that is all.
wedgie  +   1517d ago

Yeah I agree with what you said. The reason I said "at you" was just for the book recommendation. Everything else was targeted at the forum in general.

Sorry if that was confusing.

So everyone else, it's just a game. And only the multiplayer side of it.
Carlos_Irwin_Estevez  +   1517d ago
That just sounds like you playing with a move controller.

The real sound is something like this:

على ذات لحية خير لي لحية تشاهد لي للاستسلام
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AliTheBrit19  +   1517d ago
We don't need to

Theres nothing wrong in playing as a fictional terrorist organisation

You would know who it is referencing, without giving fame and credit to the Taliban.
Wii360BeatsPS3  +   1517d ago
The difference with the taliban is they whip and stone women to death. They are not human. You may as well put a team in medal of honour called the baby rapists. Same thing.
hoops  +   1517d ago
"Why we need to play as the Taliban"

To piss off the GOP and Fox News...That's why LOL
xX TriiCKy Xx  +   1517d ago
We need to play as the Taliban because if we didn't, we'd have no one to pwn in multiplayer.
the-show-stopper  +   1517d ago
Many of these authors are must be convinced that Iraq and Afghanistan are the same country cause the author mentions that the devs were inspired by the Iraq war whihc doesnt make sense at all cause MoH takes place in Afghanistan during the Afghan war.

The author also contradicts himself or at least im pretty sure he did saying that we need to play the Taliban missions but then saying that you can only play as the Taliban in multiplayer.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1517d ago
I'm just blown away by the lack of political ignorance I'm seeing.

This is 2010.

We have the internet.

We don't have to rely on ABC, NBC, CBS, Comedy Central, Bravo, Oxygen, Nickelodeon, MTV, MSNBC, and CNN to make us hate Republicans.

We don't have to rely on FOX News to make us hate Democrats.

Stay informed, people. It's your best defense against morons.
jmare  +   1517d ago
But how will I know who to hate if I don't have the media giving the government a free pass on the economy while they argue about the ground zero mosque? How will I know what to fear if I don't have the media telling me about massive egg recalls and 1000 new ways to die every night?

Tell me!
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1517d ago
The tiny bacteria in your blood stream will inform you.

Search your feelings...you know it to be true.
Acquiescence  +   1517d ago
Hey Mr Taliban...
show us your banana.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1517d ago
Obama come and me 'wan go home!
darren_poolies  +   1517d ago
Seriously can there be anymore articles about this!
Big f*cking woop, we get to play as the Taliban and kill Americans so what? We get to play as American's and kill Russians, Germans, Japanese, Korean's etc. in a lot of games, I don't see a billion articles complaining about that! People just need to get over themselves, it is only a game and people who think it is as anything other than that needs to check themselves into a psychiatric hospital!
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1517d ago
No, Locke!

I'm done!

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jmare  +   1517d ago
This is ridiculous. In COD4 you played as the Republican Guard in multiplayer and no one made a big deal because they weren't called Republican Guard. The only reason anyone is butthurt is because they can't distinguish reality from fantasy. Is it tasteless to make a game where you can play as the "Taliban" and kill "Americans"? Perhaps, but would it make a difference to the game play if they were called "Good Guys" and "Bad Guys"? No, it wouldn't. I understand, and sympathize, with those that are upset by the idea of this due to personal loss, but it's just a game.
UP  +   1517d ago
You know what screw all of you. You can sympathize with the taliban all you want. I for one will not cave to their terror and despicable ways of attack. I will support the troops of the USA until the taliban is no more and the middle east is free from violence and the Muslims who just want to practice their religion and make peace with the west and live peacefully without fear of being killed by people who want to destroy the west and anyone who is not Muslim.
jmare  +   1517d ago
Dude, seriously. Shut the fuck up! Saying "I support the troops" doesn't mean shit, it's just something people say, so please, shut up.
UP  +   1517d ago
It does mean something to me and a majority of the people in the United States. If you do believe in it or you think it is stupid fine by me. But I think you should reserve you STFU comments to people like eamon who says stupid shit like calling people like me more evil than the tailban. I used the last of my bubbles so you and many others can attack me as much as you want now. Thats fine by me. Heck you can de bubble me and disagree with me all you want for my views.
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jmare  +   1517d ago
First of all, how do you support the troops? Do you send care packages to make their lives a little easier? Do you help out families that have someone deployed? Do you volunteer, helping kids who have lost a parent adjust or help injured veterans rehabilitate? Or did you buy a fucking magnet of a yellow ribbon and think your good deed was done for the day? People say they support the troops but it doesn't really translate into action. I believe in it because I am a veteran and I don't need a magnet to show the world I support the troops.

Secondly, if you don't say stupid shit, people won't tell you to shut the fuck up. The world is not black and white and your statements to that effect are just ignorant.
coolman229  +   1517d ago
@jmare People didn't support the troops in Vietnam. Many people hated troops in Vietnam. You can probably imagine what it would feel like to be a soldier and have people hate you, so would you want that? We say "I support the troops" because we do. It helps morale for soldiers when they know that people support them. Seriously, don't be such a jerk.
dinkeldinkse  +   1517d ago
Enough of these MOH articles.
I want the game to fail miserably just to end these articles about it.
SephireX  +   1517d ago
It would be great to play as Bin Laden in a mission where the objective would be to kill yourself a certain amount of times before the timer reaches zero.
wedgie  +   1517d ago
adult swim has "5 minutes to kill yourself"

I imagine it would be something like that? Afghan version
Darkspade  +   1517d ago
So the Question is:

Why we need to play as the Taliban?

Because you have to have a Bad Guy, FPS is Good Vs. Bad.. Get over it. It's just a Dam Game
StitchJones  +   1517d ago
Agreed, it's just a game for cripes sakes. One that I don't plan on buying, but still it's just for fun.
darkdoom3000  +   1517d ago
Sometimes playing as american soldiers gets a little boring.

plus you won't have to get mad when you die; a terrorist just died :)
saud2010  +   1517d ago
Play its just a game.

you happy and siad this is a great game when you play as U.S soldier who kill M!!!!!! in his mission to stop terrorist from buy a nuclear bomb ( like CIA and whitehosue when they accused Iraq have A weapon of mass destruction. funny they still don`t find anything ) SO play the game or pass its your choice

-Islam said : Link your self to an explosives belt and blew it not in islam, so if you kill your self you are not Muslims.

take care
Strikepackage Bravo  +   1517d ago
Just gotta correct one thing
They DID find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, tons of them buried in the desert, and in other locations as well. Its just that they did not find them until late into the war, and well after the start of the conflict.

Because of that, the media never really reported on it, by that time the media was busy trying to make Bush out to be a liar and the anti Christ, it would not have served the agenda of the media very well to report the fact that the WMDs were found. So instead the media just down played it.

But they did indeed find WMDs.
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Goldsack  +   1517d ago
And why is America the world police???
Are the really the gooooods or only Globalists/Colonists of the whole earth???

Al CIAda

PS: Soon we are all copies of ourselves.
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Strikepackage Bravo  +   1517d ago
What did you just say?
dude STFU seriously, I dont think even you know what your talking about LOL!
Guitardr85  +   1517d ago
I think it is absolutely outrageous that we live in a society that is so obsessed with equality that we are unable to see truly evil and horrible things in the world around us. Far too many people try to color shades of gray with everything so that we can be "fair" and "tolerant" of other peoples cultures.

I hate to tell you all this, but just because a culture is different doesn't mean it should be respected. Not ALL differences are to be celebrated. Don't believe me? Then talk to the woman (whose name cannot be reported for fear of her possible murder) who was gang raped by 7 men in 2006 only to be charged herself with the CRIME of extramarital sex. Two things here...a society where it is both a crime to have sex outside of marriage AND that RAPE is considered a womans fault. Her sentence was 200 lashings by whip (which could kill a person) and 6 months in jail.

So where oh where is the "tolerance" and "respect" that these kind of actions deserve? I will tell you. They don't exist my friends, because not all people in the world care about what other people have to think or feel, but simply what they have blindly been taught (as do some bloggers on n4g) and what can keep them in power with the status quo.

Think for yourself, but don't be naive...
devilhunterx  +   1517d ago
The only good thing Taliban did was to destroy the drug trade.

Now its flourishing again with the aid of USA.

So you decide.

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