Eurogamer previews Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Presented with a near-as-dammit finished build, Eurogamer played through the first five per cent of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, encompassing two bosses and a few of the early weapons and armour upgrades. First impressions? No great change or evolution in the gameplay or graphical stakes, but a significant overhaul in how you play the game - to the extent that it still ends up feeling fresh and interesting.

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jinn4058d ago

this game seems no different from the previous two.

texism4058d ago

Durhh, we Metroid fans didn't want it to be. We don't need this to be Halo.

Ares844058d ago

I never played any Metroid game, but this game looks like a graphical disappointment. Oh's on the Wii anyways so noting much is expected.

ChickeyCantor4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

yess it might not have shiny gfx and all but the worlds are really created very well, im currently playing Metroid prime 1, and i can tell you the levels are way more impressive designed then what Halo 2 had to offer.

Im not really comparing the game with halo 2 but everyone is saying Halo 2 looked great..i agree it looked great..but i just cant agree that halo looks better then metroid, if you look @ how much details Each zone/room Metroid prime renders.

Im impressed with the GCN titel, and i wonder how much details this game is going to have!

btw im almost done with metroid prime 1.....>_< the world is big! sometimes i dont see the small things i should be looking @.

Ares844058d ago

You have to be jokeing!! First let me just say that I'm a Sony "fanboy" not an Xbox fanboy but even the first Halo looks better than Metroid....I'm sorry dude but it's true!! the Wii is wiik :D in the gfx department!

ChickeyCantor4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

you failed to understand what i was saying.
Metroid might not have the shiny gfx but the Environment was very detailed something Halo failed to do.
I was talking ARTwise.

You never played Metroid you said, yet you already have your opinion about the " gfx "

but then again what doyou define as GFX?
shiny textures? hi-rez renders?

The Art in Metroid beats Halo's easy.
disagreeing just proves you have no taste of art whatso ever XD

you just wanted to bash the Wii =)....admit it

Ares844058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

People are always argueing about those two. I'm only judgeing Metroid by it's screenshoots so that's why I'm saying that even Halo 1 looks better.
But saying "you have no taste of art whatso ever" is kind of strong I think!
You don't even know me....don't even know what I like.
So I don't think that you have any right to tell me that I have no taste of art!
For your info I'm a very artistic guy and I love to draw and create
all kinds of art!

@3.5 I didn't bash the Wii. Isin't it a fact that the Wii is week at the gfx department??? Maybe I missed all those great looking games that where better than the ones on the 360, PS3 or PC.
So by saying that the Wii has bad graphics...I'm not bashing it. I'm just stating facts.
The only way I would be bashing it if I where to say that the games on the Wii suck gameplay wise. But they don't, according to some people.
As for me...I couldn't play longer than 20 minutes with Wii sports.
But you know...some people like this...some people like that!

ChickeyCantor4058d ago

" You don't even know me....don't even know what I like. "
well you didnt even know the metroid game and yet you had your opinions ready.

And after that you just bashed the Wii.

machine4058d ago

what the hell are you doing here? oh, i get it, you like to jump on forums for games you dont play and like to talk sh*t. lame.

however, i understand what you are saying though. you believe that no game on the wii could look as graphical good as a ps3 game, or 360 for that matter. well, you are correct, but does not give you the right to waltz on to a forum for a game you'll never play and put down any wii game based on this assumption because the wii is not competeing with those other two systems intentionally. they went a diffrent route. game play over graphics. your opinions are narrow minded and inconsiderate considering the facts.
and from this review, the game play for this game looks pretty damn good.

either way, this game looks great.

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texism4058d ago

metroid has a very organic/ intricate look while halo has a very clean, sharp look. Thats why halo3 looks like its not as good as gears. gears has many nooks and cranies and textures while halo3 is just very clean looking.

jigaman4058d ago

Great points sidar I agree with you 100%. While Halo had the clean sharp look it did not have the lively environments that MP has. MP had great detail that really made the worlds come alive. Great art style.

And as far as Ares84 and Jinn's comments go. Take some time and read the article. They only played through 5% of the game. Do you know how little that is? Not nearly enough game time to make some of the overly critical comments they made in regards to graphics and controls. They said sometimes the controls were perfect and that sometimes it hindered them. Well guys this is called a "learning curve". So of course it's not going to be easy, especially during a boss battle. Metroid is known for challenging boss fights dating back to the first Metroid. And as far as graphics go it looks alot better then the first 2. The simple proof to this is by taking a look and the Spiderball preview that is out now. Great textures, huge world, the backgrounds have depth and details. If you want to make an accurate judgement then try the game for yourself or read a review where they have played more than 5% of the game.

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