Sequels to crime games are still lackluster

Ever since Rockstar Games' "Grand Theft Auto III" became a cultural phenomenon in 2001, rival studios have been trying to compete with crime epics of their own.

Some, like "Saints Row," were slavish imitations. Some moved the action abroad, perhaps to England ("The Getaway") or Japan ("Yakuza"). And some took the stories that inspired "GTA," like "The Godfather," "Scarface" and "The Sopranos," and tried to pound them into the "GTA" template.

None of them caught fire the way "GTA" did, but that hasn't stopped developers from trying - or, in some cases, going back for seconds. Indeed, this month has brought us sequels to two lackluster crime games from the previous decade.

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omi25p2851d ago

I really enjoyed mafia 2, i love the story, i think the characters are very likeable, the voice acting is second to none. The shooting is fantastic and the driving is also fantastic.

Mafia 2 isnt ment to be a gta style game its ment to be a story based third person shooter which keeps you gripped in the story till the very end.

I wouldnt suggest the game to players who play gta for the cop fights and explaration but dont actually complete the story. This game is more for people who enjoy a good story and being put in a realistic enviroment.

Sure the game has faults like character clones and just little glitches but none actaully ruin the game.

darkstar2851d ago

This is exactly the point I was trying to make to a buddy of mine. It's NOT GTA, it doesn't even try to be GTA. Think of it as a purely story driven game such as Uncharted or what ever else, then add a open world whose only purpose is to support the story. It's an amazing game, and now one of my all time favorites. P.s I was also disappointed when I found out there was going to be no free roam/side missions. Now I'm gladly eating my own words.

omi25p2851d ago

The only thing i was disapointed with in mafia 2 was the lack of outfits, there are only 4 types of outfits ( Shirt,Leather jacket, suit, suit with overcoat ).

Sure you can have them all in different colours but i would of like to have seen more clothes suited for the time. For example the seasons change from winter to summer, it would of been good if you could get winter and summer clothers, Also some outfits to fit with the type of music that people were listening to back then

GWAVE2850d ago

I don't think Mafia II is all that great (and I played it on PC). I think some people are simply desperate for a non-GTA gangster game.

Elvfam5112850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Love Mafia 2 story and city.... The characters are a plus... I wasn't desperate at all for a non-gta gangster game thats just dumb to say...

The AI isn't that bad I got killed several times... Setting was on hard though

SilentNegotiator2850d ago

The AI is horrible. Makes the entire game boring. Just pop out and shoot, pop and shoot.

The only thing exceptional about the game is its cutscenes, and I can watch those online.

Kingdom Come2850d ago

With you saying "The only thing exceptional about the game is its cutscenes, and I can watch those online."
I'm guessing that translates to: "I haven't played the finished product and instead am creating an impression of the final game through a demo."
I mean, with you saying "and I can watch them online" that creates the impression that you don't own the game...
Don't judge a game you haven't yet played.

Sie2850d ago

I too loved mafia 2 it's one of my favorite games of the year so far. I'm not normaly in to big cut scenes and long storys but in Mafia 2 it was done so well i really enjoyed it.

Droid Control2851d ago

I'd like to play a non chavy, non vilolent Open world city game one day.

LeonSKennedy4Life2850d ago

Sometimes...I play GTA IV as a nice guy who drives in the lines, never speeds, shops for clothes, eats at nice restaurants, treats the ladies with respect, and protests the sleazy night clubs.

It's pretty epic.

dark-hollow2850d ago

i prefer driving like a drunk,steal money from the people,kill everybody at the restaurants, and fuck all the ladies

now that is epic!

LeonSKennedy4Life2850d ago

i prefer driving the ladies, steal drunk from the restaurants, kill all the money, and people everybody like a f#[email protected]

now that is nah!

Raendom2850d ago

Someone makes this into reality (which is entirely possible)

And GTA is DESTROYED. Really, because Sci-Fi is cooler, but also because there is so many opportunities for gameplay other than shooting.

Shane Kim2850d ago

OMG a sandbox game in space! Now that's something.

dark-hollow2850d ago

i don't know...i felt mafia 2 was a lackluster
the graphics are joke on consoles and the physics are very bad
i guess red dead spoiled me because it physics engine is the best i have ever seen

DrillaKid2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

I've yet to play Mafia 2 but I find it strange that Red Dead has awesome physics yet Mafia 2 has crap physics considering that R* and 2K Games are sister companies; i thought there would be an element of overlap/assistance between the studios to make sure their games are top notch.

Kingdom Come2850d ago

I've been playing on the Xbox 360 Version and the Graphics are great.

Kingdom Come2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

That was not me implying the PS3 version looks terrible, it was me defending the console versions Graphics...