Gamers should shun ‘Medal of Honor’

Callous realism is a trademark of video games, so maybe we should all be desensitized to the kind of gore and mayhem portrayed in Electronic Arts’ new version of “Medal of Honor.” But for families of men and women fighting and dying even now in the very real war against the Taliban, it’s pretty tough seeing Taliban soldiers slaughtering American troops as fun and games. Call us old-fashioned, but we say this one crosses a line.

The updated “Medal of Honor,” scheduled for release Oct. 12, lets players take the role of Taliban soldiers in Afghanistan hunting down and slaying Americans. No wonder parents like Karen Meredith of Mountain View, Calif., whose son Ken Ballard died in Iraq, see the game as a personal insult. It’s an affront to the more than 1,000 Americans killed in the Afghanistan conflict since it began in October 2001, nine years before the game’s release.

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jinofthesheep2797d ago

disagree wholeheartidly so won't approve. how is this any different to red vs blue?! i like the colour blue, so should i boycot any game that has them being slaughtered by reds? ludicrous. plus there's inconsistent editting within the article. hell, within the second paragraph it has "Oct." and "October".

Anarki2797d ago

I think we should all stfu and stop making a big deal of nothing.

I'll play MoH, and I will enjoy it.

seann2797d ago

are u being sarcastic?

BloodyNapkin2797d ago

Well i am shunning it cause so far the beta sucks balls.

Cevapi882797d ago

nazis' killing allies, viet cong killing americans....hell we could reverse the scenario and look at it from their perspective....double standards people....double standards

BattleAxe2797d ago

I'm skipping this game simply because DICE is involved. Expect the same treatment as Bad company 2 with very few maps, no co-op until they decide to charge you for it, crappy EA servers and just very little or no support after release. They'll try to make you feel like a VIP by giving you mode packs just like with BC2.

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r1sh122797d ago

Totally disagree with the article.
Why not stop playing GTA because of the families that die becuase of the drug trade, or stop watching films that show men and women who have died in old wars or in current wars. Or horror films which show psycho's going on killing sprees.
This sort of article is so stupid.
The only reason these families are dying is because an idiot by the name of George W Bush started an illegal war, after his moron father armed the so called terrorists with weapons like 20 years ago.

NYPunkster2797d ago

Well since I've always planned on getting MoH this reverse phycology bullshit isn't working on me but thanks for trying.

CaptainMarvelQ82797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )


AKS2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

I love seeing the opinions of the masses wax and wane over time depending on which way the wind is blowing. When I was serving as a US Marine from 1995 through 2000, I heard "baby killer" from the far left and callous, indifferent remarks like "Ah, they knew the risks when they joined...but look at my DoD stocks shooting through the roof!!!! This is great!" from the far right when I faced the very real possibly of having a limb blown off, suffering from a traumatic brain injury, and a variety of other dire circumstances, including a quite suspicious anthrax vaccination program.

Since September 11, 2001, it suddenly became popular to develop faux hyper-patriotism, put American flag stickers on the back of your pickup truck or Buick, and act offended by anything that is insensitive to the US military efforts. We as a society like to put up a big, showy front pretending like we would donate a kidney or a lung to our troops without a second thought, yet our country has ignored the fact that our troops often receive shoddy post-deployment care and are sent into war most often for the benefit of greedy and opportunistic war profiteers at organizations like Halliburton. Despite all the nonsense that is going on, idiots like this author decide to focus their efforts on decrying the evils of a damn video game. Are people really this oblivious to what's going on in the world? The level of ignorance is mind boggling.

solar2797d ago

Hell im not buying it because BC2 is still broke on PC and dont pay $60for a PC game.

cyberwaffles2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

again, to those who see action in the war in the middle east, don't talk. and i'm talking about horrific action. not soldiers whose MOS's compose of just traversing soldiers into battles or running network communications. i'm talking about death right before your eyes. seeing animals feast on your brothers, brothers being blown to pieces in the blink of an eye, brothers who fought for your freedom and then gamers turn around and play as the taliban shooting what is technically generic AI, but are representative of those who served their country.

seriously, you gamers have no clue how delusional you are and you would only know until you experience the trauma of death and war. experience speaks louder than words, bottom fucking line. oorah fucking devil dogs! semper fidelis to the day i fucking die. 1371 Combat Engineer, jack of all trades, master of none. no one knows loyalty until you become a fucking marine.

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ActionBastard2797d ago

I think it's best we play games in which Taliban soldiers don't exist. Then soapbox about how games should be considered art or are as emotion provoking as movies or books.

Baka-akaB2797d ago

why because movies and books dont feature them talibans ?

Qui-Gon Jim2797d ago

Kinda making a point that art forms need to sometimes be provocative to make people think or to elicit emotions.

Nate-Dog2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

Play it if you want, don't if you don't. But for everyone's sake just shut the hell up about it now and stop trying to change people's views on this as if it's going to be the most realistic gaming experience around and like it's going to change people.

And of course it looks like it's written by some randomer that probably has never had any experience with gaming or knows anything about it.

r0gueZA2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

What about games where US kill Germans or Vietnamese?
Should we shun those? Are those not offensive to those countrymen who may have faught in those wars?

fucadastates2797d ago

and movies about the us in corrent wars. there are alot of them. shun them all. preorderet the game :)

jinofthesheep2797d ago

to answer your question zombiegamerZA, apparently it doesn't matter about those wars as they were awhile ago...

r0gueZA2797d ago

LOL ... long time ago. That makes it better. Okay

yoshiroaka2797d ago

Of course man! haven't you seen south park when AIDS became funny because a certain amount of time had passed! lol

Man im not a big fan of south park but they really seem to nail society's stupidity sometimes.

iceman062797d ago

That's exactly why I AM a fan of South Park. Behind all of the toilet humor there is a biting satire on our society that I just can't get enough of. Love it or hate it. It's really hard to deny the truths that they present on almost a weekly basis.

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