Leipzig Games Convention pictures

Here are some pics from leipzig games convention.

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Shadow Flare3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

I can't wait to play Drake's Schicksal

SimmoUK3938d ago

This makes it seem so close I can't wait...

Bazookajoe_833938d ago

Im going on veccation one week to turky (Girlfriends choice), I wanted to go to Leipzig (It would have been devastateing for my sexlife thou)...

achira3938d ago

yohhuu, i am the lucky one, i will go with my friends to the games convention, cant wait! more than a week to wait.

TheMART3937d ago

Ah great, so I can kick your butt in real time! Wohoooo

Shadow Flare3937d ago

achira, if you see the mart at that convention, please on behalf of everyone on this site, grab him and stuff him in a carry-sack and just drop him off the end of a pier or something, use your imagination

DTClown3938d ago

I find it a little disturbing that the Lair section/sign is the smallest of all the software signs/areas. I mean hell, it's sharing space with some PSP game where Time Crisis 4 has it's own huge area/sign!? it's also the ONLY game that appears to share space/signs. I hope that this is not a sign of a ho-hum game in Lair.

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