What Sony has in store for gamers this fall ( PS3 exclusives to watch out for )

PSB - Sony will have us all taking out a second mortgage this fall. What should we look forward to most?

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Genesis52821d ago

The fall is looking extremely sweet this year isn't it.

Lucreto2821d ago

I think last year was better. My list of games was far longer and uncharted 2 and a Ratchet game was out.

Chris3992821d ago

This has been the year of the JRPG for the PS3, so I'm happy as a pig in #$^%.

And there's Atelier Rorona, Trinity: SOZO, Fist of the North Star and a couple other Eastern flavoured games before the end of 2010. Great year to be a Japanophile, that's for sure :) Tonnes of - potentially - great Western RPGs out this year as well. My wallet was definitely hit harder this year than the last.

For me, 2011 is the year of the MMO though, I won't be playing on my consoles as much once Guild Wars 2 launches. It's nice that we have reached a point in the cycle where pretty much all the genres now have enough titles in them to keep most gamers happy. Between 2011 JRPGs and MMOs, I won't have to play another FPS ever again! That's not a dig, it's just nice to be able to play what we want to play. (I'll probably give KZ3 and R3 a go though, just to finish the series.)

2821d ago
Double Toasted2821d ago

I think I'll pass.....a kidney stone.

Redrum0592821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )


here i come

judging by all the comments, theres gonna be lots of online gamers on lbp2 and gt5 :)

ManofSteel32821d ago

Last fall was great (UC2!) but with 2 potential GOTY candidates (GT5/LBP2), this fall's looking even better.

Lucreto2821d ago

I do have 15 games this year but I was more excited for last years line up. I am still clearing the backlog.
Those 15 games most of them have collector editions. Lets not talk about next year.

2821d ago
Redrum0592821d ago

that will be the only game you'll be able to play this fall

my face and my hands hurt due to all the face-palming i do cuz of ppl like you.

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darkdoom30002821d ago

@ Oblivion

Wow. Calling people gay.
An age limit would be nice- ya know.
To stop 13 year olds like you from commenting.

SilentNegotiator2821d ago

Ehhh...well other than Dead Rising 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, and God of War: GoS, and MAAAYBE {CastleVania:LOS, Vanquish (Demo in two days), MOH, Dead Space 2, Halo Reach}, I'm not looking forward to much.

We've certainly seen better years in gaming, but this year hasn't been "horrible"

Playerz82821d ago

While there is more games I want this year, last year definitely felt more exciting.

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cyborg2821d ago

It sure is, Halo:Reach and GT 5 are my most sought after releases and the best part, they releases on different consoles. Yes, I love GAMING!!!

gtamike2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

2010/2011 looking good :)

Dead Nation
Gran Turismo 5
Killzone 3
Infamous 2
Twisted Metal
Resistance 3

and maybe
Syphon Filter
Eight Days

bubbles me up :D

SOAD2821d ago

Okay most of the games you listed are not coming out this Fall and the last three haven't been officially announced, so....

MrRipper2821d ago

You do realize that he did said 2010/2011 not this fall. Also about those 3 games that aren't announced yet, he put maybe. So..

Raendom2821d ago

2010 as a whole is one of my faves.

Mass Effect 2
Heavy Rain
Final Fantasy XIII
Red Dead Redemption
God of War 3

And still to come!

Gran Turismo 5
Halo Reach
DC universe Online
PS Move
And all the titles listed in this article!

Yep. 2010 is epic.

Skadoosh2821d ago

Why on Earth would you get disagrees?

DaBadGuy2821d ago

@Skadoosh, he got disagrees because he put the letter H, A, L, and O too close together.

2821d ago
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no_more_trolling2821d ago

looking good

halo reach in 2 weeks
ohh yea

kanetheking2821d ago

why the halo?.if it comes in 2 weeks good for you I am waiting on assassin's creed 2 and cross edge everyone what games are u waiting to get.

remanutd552821d ago

well my playstation exclusive games for the rest of the year :
Valkyria Chronicles 2 ( PSP )
Dead Nation ( PS3)
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep ( PSP )
The Fight : Lights Out ( PS Move / PS3 )
Parasite Eve : The Third Birthday ( PSP )
Eyepet ( PS Move / PS3 )
Gladiator Begins ( PSP )
Little Big Planet 2 Collector's Edition ( PS3 )
Phantasy Star Portable 2 ( PSP )
Gran Turismo 5 Collector's Edition ( PS3)
God of War Ghost of Sparta ( my most anticipated psp title EVER )

DigitalRaptor2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

For me it's LittleBigPlanet 2, GT5, Dead Nation, The Force Unleashed 2, Medal of Honor + Frontline, Castlevania, Enslaved, & PlayStation Move with compatible games: RE5 Gold Edition, Heavy Rain.

house2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

that list on the blog and the list on here make me almost faint (for my wallet) on all the great games coming out not to mention the move it will be a great fall for gaming i just cant wait for all that list to come out

cyborg2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I might end up spending the entire fall season playing that game. :D

Edit - Why is this article being reported as a duplicate? O_o

As far as I can see it's an article and not a news story.

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