Mafia II - Full Radio Soundtrack

Here is a full List from Mafia II Radio Soundtrack that contains over 5 hours of Music

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Waldi2857d ago

I love the Soundtrack! =D

PhilipLarkin2857d ago

Ahh, the 50s. When being racist was being 'patriotic'.

BeAGamer2857d ago

maybe you should find a time machine and send yourself back

Beatboxtaun2857d ago

Thanks for posting! I absolutely love the soundtrack, it just totally set the mood!

core_i62856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Musics are in pc\sds\music and in "fsb" files.
first download fsb_mpeg:

unzip above file and then move all fsb files into folder called "EXTRACTOR".
then click on Start.bat to begin extracting.

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