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Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is a New Extreme for a Bad Trend

"The video game industry, like many others, is an industry of trends. One company does something, it works, then five other companies follow suit. The multiplayer rewards from Call of Duty 4, regenerative health, and motion controls are all examples of the trend centered, follow the leader mentality that the games industry observes. While it generally helps improve the overall quality of the games there’s one trend that disturbs me: releasing incomplete games." (Industry, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Seijoru  +   1547d ago
MS loves their lame timed exclusives that come out looking like crap. Remember the buggy mess that was The Last Remnant?
DelbertGrady  +   1547d ago
TR isn't buggy anywhere. It's very well-produced. It only lacks online co-op, which of course is pretty crappy. Still, I enjoyed the SP very much. ever ever felt that it was designed as a co-op experience. It's an awesome game.
KingJFS  +   1547d ago
Honestly, who gives a shit? Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is perfectly playable as a single-player experience (and is really quite good) and local co-op works fine.
Cheeseknight28  +   1547d ago
Its quite a great game, one of the best downloadable games out there. Yeah, they should have waited, but for those of us with friends that love playing video games that happen to be in the same room it's quite a fun experience.

BTW: Never played a Tomb Raider game before. Ever. Maybe that makes it better.
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Baltis  +   1547d ago
I have't cared about Tomb Raider in over 15 years. Why should I start not? This version looks like the GBA versions, actually. And they all sucked.
Tres21  +   1547d ago
hav u played that demo wit a friend yet i was surprised & so was my friend who i had 2 bribe 2 even play by the end of the demo all he could say was figures it gets good at the end
kingdavid  +   1547d ago
Its actually a good game. Give it a chance.

The guy is saying all this crap without even playing the game!
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Mastodon  +   1547d ago
Well while you may not find anything good about it the Tomb Raider franchise has been incredible for the last 3 to 4 years. Legends, Anniversary, Underground, and now LoG have cemented the quality that Crystal Dynamics has been able to get out of the series.

Comparing this game to the GBA version, you're good I saw what you were going for there.
A Cupcake for Gabe  +   1547d ago
This game looks really fun and co-op/online is always welcomed. My only beef, and that may be a bit of a fanboy hidden deep inside, that this game has yet to get a gig for it's lack of online co-op. If it were on PS3 first it would of been sh*t all over for it.

But the online is coming. I kind of think the game was in a deal to be part of XBLA Summer of Games, but didn't get done in time. MS did have exclusive DLC with Underworld, so they could of easily payed for a timed deal.

This is nothing to freak out over. It's good timing. 360 gamers are able to play this before REACH consumes them in september, while PS3 gamers can play it the month before november so they have free time to be consumed with GT5 & LBP2.

I agree
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STK026  +   1547d ago
Regarding the article, the reason SOCOM was punished in the reviews was because it was mostly unplayable and had very long load times. These issues have now been resolved for the most part, but back when it launched, the game was unplayable, at least in my opinion.

However, for Lara Croft, the game is missing the online portion as of now, but that doesn't mean the single player and local multiplayer are unplayable or anything. Why would a reviewer give the game an abysmal score, just because ONLINE co-op is not included in the game from the get go? Also, the writer doesn't take in account the fact that some reviews probably removed some points for the lack of online co-op.

So, the difference is, SOCOM was barely playable when it launched and was under review. Lara Croft was playable and extremely fun, but was lacking its online component when under review. Should both games be punished to the same degree when their flaws are on a whole different level?
lolzers  +   1547d ago
Isn't this game supposed to be pretty good? And you won't be paying for this extra feature, it will be patched in at no extra cost? Tell me if I'm wrong please.
Mastodon  +   1547d ago
No you're absolutely correct in the assumption. You will be getting the DLC Online Co-op for free, the game is incredibly fun and very deep (classic TR through and though). While I am not a fan of the new pricing for Arcade games, this one is worth the time if you're looking for some fast and fun action/puzzle love.
A Cupcake for Gabe  +   1547d ago
Scott Pilgrim is only $10, which on top of been a long and fullfilling game to me, is worth more cause the low price tag. This bumping games up to 15 bucks is a little shady.
Skizelli  +   1547d ago
A lot of effort was put into Lara Croft in the design department. Story was a bit weak, but plenty of replay value to justify the price. The game is pretty lengthy, too.

I'm not sure if this is 100% true or not, but on top of getting the online co-op for free, I heard the Xbox 360 version will get the first real DLC released for it for free as well.
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GhettoBlasStarr  +   1547d ago
I just happy they decided to do games in this style for consoles. I really hope Diablo3 hits consoles.

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