Violent Video Games "Kill" Again

As detectives in Puyallup, Washington investigate the rape and murder of 16-year-old Kimberly Daily by 18-year-old Tyler Savage, the role of video games as a catalyst for teens to commit violent crimes is once again called into question.

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Natsu X FairyTail3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

Kim vergil on the Cover of the magazine smh Not a good look for Montreal.

The game dint really make those guys kill. They were already effed up in the head and Instead of tryna figure out what is the real problem they blame it on the games.

HSx93002d ago

Court: "Since our investigators where to fuc*ing stupid, and found absolutely no reason for the murder, we have decided that this act was from influence of video games."

jadenkorri3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

let alone he didn't even play a "VIDEO GAME", isn't D&D a board game with created characters. So where the f*ck is Board Games make kids kill other people.

gamesR4fun3002d ago

so all gamers must b rapist scumm...

wtf this aint news its fucken bullshit

MasterChief36243002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

Yes, Dungeons & Dragons is originally a board game, but the person you're talking about was playing the game "Dungeons & Dragons Online". That IS a videogame.

thedisagreefairy3002d ago

and realized i wanted to go on a killing spree.

this news channel should be banned for making me want to hurt other ppl. it corrupted my youthful mind.

My reason to do so makes sense right?

jadenkorri3002d ago

lol don't i feel stupid, i went back and looked at the article, says dungeon & dragons "online", i must of missed that, i don't know anyone who plays that one online, i do have friends though who are majorly into d&d, so when i hear d&d, i think the board game. My bad.

Lightsaber3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

My favorite one was some guy was high and drunk off his ass and killed someone. The Pigs decided that that had no effect on him at all and instead it was GTA4 that made him kill

Just as a side note I remember them blame the old D&D pen and paper game for killings back in the 80's

Lich1203002d ago

Blaming this on video games is about as reasonable as claiming a black person who shot someone did it because they are black. 12% of americans are Black, and I wouldn't be surprised if at least 12% of Americans play or have played violent video games at some point in their life.

These reports are just ignorant.

SilentNegotiator3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

"Although Savage reported playing Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO) after the [rape and] murder, the courts are investigating the game’s possible involvement in influencing Savage commit the heinous act"

I forgot that D&Ds had rape in it.

theKiller3002d ago

Hollywood movies and Disney and music industry!!

gaming will be the least to affect people to go and kill!! i dont say it doesnt but it is the least!!

am sure there is 1000 homicide that the killer were affected by movies or music!!

BusterFang3002d ago

I just got finished playing LittleBigPlanet! >=O time for me to go kill someone because i customized wrong!


I seriously don't see how D&DO can make someone want to kill...-_-

Scrooge3002d ago

A bank was robbed yesterday by someone who also likes to cook. Therefore, cooking influenced this man to rob banks.

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MasterChief36243002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

It's unfortunate that news stories and investigators want to peg all these killings on videogames. Videogames are such an easy scapegoat. It's the simplest possible form of motive for them to talk about, and parents eat it right up.

Sad but true :\ If only an article focused on the actual reasons, like you said: inherent mental illness.

bjornbear3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

people stop trying to find out the real psychological reason for it.

its like when the cops just book the closest suspect to close the case. some cops say it justifies the means since it closes the case, gives closure to the victims relatives and puts a very likely person in jail.

however, if you are wrong, the killer remains loose.

the same applies here, except instead of a killer, its the actual truth behind the murder, which in cause means they never get to the bottom of the case, and thus the poor girl never gets real justice.

sad. sometimes I wish the worst for people who conjure up this crap, and that isn't helping, but I can't help it. it disgusts me.
(not the fact that they blame videogames, thats petty, but that they just blame a common scapegoat and don't delve into the truth due to lazyness/stupidity/agenda)

madpuppy3002d ago

The Police want to close cases regardless if they have the right guy or not. as long as they arrest someone...anyone for the crime they are happy and look like they are doing their job.

I am not saying that it always happens this way, but, why would they interrogate someone for 12-16 hours just to get a confession for a case that has very little circumstantial evidence to convict anyone?

Lightsaber3002d ago

Video games have never killered anyone in the history of mankind. I would pay good money tho to see my UC2 disc jump out of the ps3 and go on a killing spree I bet that be the funniest thing ever.

skrug3002d ago

WTF is "Video Game Killer" ? do they kill video games? O_O

"Although Savage reported playing Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO) after the murder, the courts are investigating the game’s possible involvement in influencing Savage commit the heinous act"

so the game influenced him before he even played it? o_O

jessupj3002d ago

He also had a glass of milk and a cheese sandwich just before the killing, so the milk and sandwich must have cause him to murder.

How f*cking stupid is that? Yet the courts are using this exact same logic. Makes you feel safe knowing these people working for the courts are very intelligent and competent proffesionals hey?

wsoutlaw873002d ago

the kid didnt even blame it on the game he said he just played it after to relax that crazy little piece of sh** is just F***ed. if he said he when home and watched oprah to chill and cope would that make oprah a killer

avengers19783002d ago

Blame the people that did, Blame the parents that raised them, but any thing else is stupid. Video games, music, or movies, will not turn someone into an evil killer.

MmaFanQc3002d ago

Video Games Don't Kill People, Crazy People Kill People....

stupid VG demonisation is stupid.

mastiffchild3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Hang on. So we're meant to be shocked a violemnt 18 yr old male plays violent games? Most 18 year olds play violent games and if you afre already given towards violennce yourself then of course you will play violent games too. I'll also bet most of these offenders ate a burger on one of the preceding das to their offence-can we blame McDonalds too, then? It's like beuing shocked to find out rapists also masturbate! Like games one is a fantasy/activity that harms no one while the offence is real and does. The fact that as low a percentage of the whole population commit offences as the percentage of gamers committing them shows any link is incidental and not causal.

Sdon't , for God's damn sake, look for a REAL reason like previous abuse or mental issues will you? Porn does not make rapists and violent games do NOT make offenders either. That porn APPEALS to rapists(and in many cases may actually help cut down rapes as a release which makes me think games might do the same by giving people their "fix" of violence)and violent games to violent people is no shock and shouldn't be seen as a surprise OR as a catalyst for their behaviour which would find it's way to the surface anyway. te books, films and games these people read, watch and play may be violent but that's what they're interested in and if they didn't spend mopre time gaming etc maybe MORE acts would be committed, no?

The mental issue is already there and the worst a game can do, imho, is possibly give offenders ideas about how to make their offences "cooler" to others or to be used ion court as a sentencing day excuse. the news should be more clever about it's reporting of this stuff as it's lazy, ignores proper reasons for violent behaviour and seems like sticking it to the new media in town like they did to Rock, Punk, film and literature before hand. I guess rape and violence never happened before TV, games, films or the printing press, eh? Of course it did because there are ALWAYS fecked up peeps around the woreld ready to do this kind of crap. JEEEEZUS!

EDIT:tht it's D&D makes it all the more daft, doesn't it? What corrupted him? Too much power being DM? Gimme a sodding break.

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Kalowest3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

Damn do i really want to have kids growing up in this world, and WTF how does D&D make you want to kill someone, the world has really gone crazy.

Nitrowolf23002d ago

not crazy just more stupid

Tyler Durden3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

unfortunetly things like religon and freedom have killed way more people long before videogames

Kalowest3002d ago

Some people may think your joking, but yeah unfortunately, your right.

jashmister3002d ago

yeah, religion has done more damage than video games go ban that!

seinfan3001d ago

You're using the same exact line of thinking that these dumb asses are. Religion and [our apparent right to] freedom in and of themselves don't do anything. It's psychotic, simple-minded human beings that take and twist ideas to the utmost extreme and follow it through with detestable acts that cause unwarranted pain, suffering, and death.

Tyler Durden3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

its psychotic or simple minded people that twist ideas, i think its intelligent people that twist those ideas into simple minded poeple to turn them into psychotic human beings for their benefit.

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NAGNEWS3002d ago

people need to think before they call video game a bad thing, sometimes video games change things that you dont even know it

its not the video game who makes you to kill, its the person who thing that its good to kill, such as criminals.

i haven been playing video games since i was 8 and why havent i killed anyone?
it all depends who you are

Spaghett3002d ago

All videogames should be banned!

SKGamer3002d ago

I'm pretty sure that was sarcasm from his part.

I highly doubt that someone who's active on N4G, a gaming news site, actually wants games to be banned.

Croaker3002d ago

You might be surprised, though I believe he is being sarcastic. I'm just saying. There are trolls of all kinds out there.

big_silky3002d ago

Where in D&D is there a "rape and kill a retarded girl" quest? How can anyone with any brains entertain idiotic notions like this? This F should be put down like Old Yeller, I really couldn't give 2 shits why he did it.

As a society we must cleanse ourselves of people like Tyler Savage. Eliminate them and make them all an "unperson" like they did in the book 1984. Don't study them, don't give them a forum or a chance to be an inspiration to others. Erase their names from both the world and history.