Warhawk - New Images

Here are some new images of Warhawk, exclusive for PS3.

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AngryHippo4018d ago

do like hearing about this looks like great fun to play, if the gameplay is good, i am completely sold on this game.

Kleptic4018d ago

the gameplay is nearly untouchable...the graphics are impressive, with some great effects, but it is very obvious that the gameplay and balance was what got the most attention...the pace and smoothness of everything is ridiculously good...

its the 2nd absolute must own game for the PS3 (resistance being the 1st)...and imo could end up being the best online gameplay of any game on any platform for this fall...UT3 is the other game I am waiting for, and haven't seen enough to know where it stands yet as far as fun to play...

bym051d4018d ago

This game looks to have great graphics with lots of detail. I wish the SS were higher rez though.

aiphanes4018d ago

The whole game is compressed down to 880 mbs for the download on the PSN store.

Kleptic4018d ago

they upped the screen buffer or is still a native 720p the beta...but allows for the game to be upscaled to 1080i on tv's that do not support 720p...

Rythrine4018d ago

All this screenshots just reminds me of how fun the beta was. I can't wait till this game comes out. First day purchase for sure. See you guys online.

PSN: Rythrine

Wolfgang1874018d ago

I can't wait to get back to blowing all of you out of the sky.

Bazookajoe_834018d ago

Im going on abroad on sunday for a week, it will help me with the antisipation =)

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The story is too old to be commented.