UK Wii total nears 1 million

The Nintendo Wii is on course to hit one million sales in the UK within three to four weeks, according to official sell-through figures from Chart-Track.

Currently the console is outselling the 360 in the UK by over four to one, and the PS3 by more than six to one each week. If it keeps it up, it should pass the GameCube's lifetime UK sales figure of just over a million by the end of September.

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dale13989d ago

well considering the 360 is not in the top 100 this may be true but, the ps3 is selling more than the 360 so i doubt this is correct
most shops have plenty of stock and say sales have slowed on the wi
a bit of advertising i think

texism3989d ago

hahaha that's sad for the gamecube. Wii is going to do in months what the GC couldnt do in its lifetime.

djt233988d ago

you have to remember that UK was a part of sony land that mean everyone like ps2

KnowitAll3989d ago

Wii is almost going to pass half of what the gamecube sold in its lifetime, in less than a year

That is funny

heroman7113989d ago

if ps3 had a price cut over there then the sales would be awesome.

kingjkv3988d ago

I don't get it. The Wii hasn't hit one million yet in Pal? Didn't the PS3 already hit one million a while ago or was it false? Yet they're saying that Wii is outselling the PS3 by 6:1. (This is not a sarcastic comment, i'm honestly confused, could some tell me)

Rute3988d ago

UK (=United Kingdom) is only one country in the PAL-region. In PAL region, PS3 has sold ~1.25 million units and Wii ~2.71 million.

djt233988d ago

UK is a part of PAL region that include france spain AU and other country