PS3 Demand Spikes Briefly Surpasses Xbox360 & Wii

While Wii demand continues to outstrip the PS3 and Xbox 360 in the US overall, price cuts in July boosted Sony to the #1 spot… for a few days at least.

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MaximusPrime4054d ago

according to the lin chart, it appears xbox 360 is struggling. Thanks to unreliable service, too many console failure etc etc.

Wii is doing alright.

PS3 rises and drops after the announcement. im sure PS3 will copy Wii's line chart in the coming months.

Marty83704054d ago

This is to be expected as PS3 sells out it drops in sales till it rises again when in stock. Wii has been doing this as well. As for 360 MS needs to sort all the failure issues out, expect 360 sales to get worse before they get better.

rev204054d ago

Im more geared towards sony, but theres no doubting halo 3 will give it a boost, but honestly after that there will great difficult in any game reaching the heights of that game, so once the other 2 consoles have passed the halo storm its really game on.

MaximusPrime4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

ok Halo 3 may give a boost for xbox 360 but KILLZONE 2 will give PS3 a MASSIVE boost.

Edit: some dumb "disagreed" with me. You just wait and see.

Silver3604054d ago

is a unproven title. It may be a great game, but it doesn't have the history to push massive sales. It may sell 2 million even 3 million but it will take time say about 3 to 4 months. I am not hating on the game, but look at Gears of War that took a little while to sell a million and Halo 3 has already sold a million and it has not launched yet. Now if Killzone one had been great I would agree with you. I do think Resistance Fall of Man 2 will sell fast. That is because people will know what to expect. And to honest I think MGS4 will sell more than KZ2.

Marty83704054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Halo is so overrated. PS3 has loads of cool games coming out also. Warhawk, Lair, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, SOCOM 5, Wipout HD, Heavenly Sword, LittleBigPlanet Beta, Call Of Duty 4, Ratchet & Clank, Haze, UT3 & Uncharted are all due out shortly.

ZombiesNJ4054d ago

...although I'll still be getting an XBox once they do the die shrink and Halo 3 with Bioshock and Mass Effect. I am looking forward to those games so much though!

sajj3164054d ago

1. Just like the Halo 2 storm, the Halo 3 storm will come and go. 360 owners will be looking for the next big thing. Gears 2 looks like its 2 years away. What will fill the void? Mass Effect?

2. PS3 will sell slightly better than the 360. The Wii will dominate this holiday because of one title... Wii Fit. I expect to see this on Opera's things to buy list.

3. The PS3 will catch up to the 360 in worldwide sales Q2 of 09

4. Microsoft to buy another reputable studio.

5. Microsoft to officially get into the handheld market. Announcement at the next E3.

I love my baseless predictions ... Disagree or not, its my predictions.

spasticjustice4054d ago

I didn't know you were a psychic

BIadestarX4054d ago

"“This isn’t a measure of sales, but rather in-market demand for each console”, says Matt Pace, Compete’s director for New Markets. “While people go to various places online to research the consoles, those who end up at a retailer’s website and look at the consoles in detail are the best measure of people truly considering a purchase.”

uhhh.... I go to PS3 details pages (amazon) a few times a day... that does not mean I will buying a PS3.... do I? The same way can be said about many Sony fans that want to see how well the xbox 360 is doing...

The latest charts released by vgchartz are in complete contradiction with this so call "demand".... it's more like interest... also demand do not translate to total sells... a product can increase demand by 5,000% and only sell 5,000 units if it was selling 0... and another product may increase 2% and sell 2,000 if it was selling 20,000... well... wherever makes you feel good about yourself... you want to use this do that? go for it.

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