SCEE Founder On PlayStation 3 Failure Rates

SPOnG was informed at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival yesterday that the PS3 has an amazingly low "default rate" at "around 0.2%", according to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe founder, Chris Deering.

If true, this is a hugely impressive statistic and is considerably less than the industry standard of three to five percent.

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Mandangoof4055d ago

But I think this is much further below the standard than previously thought, since Xbox 360's failures have dragged the figure upwards at an alarming rate.

Marty83704055d ago

Same thing can't be said for 360, which is is built to fail. lol

boodybandit4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

Yup you heard me.
3 years warranty! Now that is amazing customer service with a smile.
Did I mention it covers your 360 for 3 years? Yup 3 whole years!

*fine print*
It only covers the RROD problem.

Sorry for the sarcasm but I have been through more 360 units then people would believe if I told you.

It is a fantastic feeling firing up my PS3 knowing I have nearly as good a chance of hitting the lottery then it failing on me.

end rant

It's amazing how I say my 1st negative thing on here an I get 2 bubbles removed. I bet if it was something negative about the PS3 I would've got bubbles up. sad

Frulond4055d ago

cause its going to keep needing repairs

Siesser4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

Wow, two out of every one thousand. That's pretty darn close to just saying "no failure rate at all."

NikV34055d ago

what the 360 at now, somthing like 46%?

solidt124055d ago

They took there time and got it done right.

MaximusPrime4055d ago

yep, microsoft made a huge mistake releasing it early. It is all about money, isn't it Microsoft?

Captain Tuttle4055d ago

It's always about money...with Microsoft and Sony and Nintendo and General Motors. If Sony was so damn generous and cared about the gamer they'd charge $50 for the thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.