New NASCAR game in development by Eutechnyx, hopefully this one won’t suck

The NASCAR gaming flame has been passed on to Eutechnyx this year. They are hard at work at the next American based racing event game title for the PS3, PC and the Wii.

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metsgaming2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Unless gt5 lacks all the tracks there wont be a need for another Nascar game for a while.

opoikl2763d ago

will fill every hole in the racing game market for years to come. I pity the competing devs..

Speed-Racer2763d ago

The only folks who may have their market still is SimBin for those hardcore PC gamers.. however I dunno how the others will survive for some time. Criterion may have to come really good with their new NFS for it to do well.

A Cupcake for Gabe2763d ago

Yeah, PolyDig can just DLC a nice big NASCAR pack so everyone can get the driver they want. We don't need another RACING game this gen period. They will be able to DLC us for the next 5 years. I wonder if they'll add bikes in the next year?

TheBand1t2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is different enough that it won't step on GT5's toes and vice versa.

Soldierone2762d ago

Yeah but NFS Shift is in direct competition with Gran Turismo. It may have done better than Forza, but thats Forza, this is GT.

Soldierone2762d ago

Yeah its hard to make a Nascar game not suck....unless Polyphony does it, goes completely in detail, and lets you work on it like its a real car. Otherwise driving in circles (not in real life) gets really dull.