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Old Cole Vs. Old New Cole Vs. New Old Cole - Slugabed

Quick take on the different iterations of Cole McGrath. (Dev, Infamous, inFamous 2, PS3)

DasBunker  +   1795d ago
New old cole is best, i liked new cole but he was too drake-esque.. now i just wish they'd put more personality into it, make it more bad@$$.. old cole were grumpy adn doesnt care about anything
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oilahize  +   1795d ago
I keep going back and forth...
I just hope that by launch we have the best version of Cole yet.
Psfan999  +   1795d ago
New cole is best with new voice actor. Old cole was good with old one, but doesn't work with the new voice.
The Great Melon  +   1795d ago
So true. I wanted Cole to look like his original incarnation, but with the current voice actor his new look just doesn't quite fit. Who knows maybe Sucker Punch will give us both models. I wouldn't think changing the head model would be too difficult given that they have already made both of them. Whatever, I'll shut up and let Sucker Punch do their job. Our (the fans) clamoring has created this bizarre character now.
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MagicAccent  +   1787d ago
I say lay off this new voice actor and get back the gravelly old cole. Or keep the new voice actor go back to the old new Cole model that looked like a douche, and quit shilly shallying.
goflyakite  +   1795d ago
I like the left Cole in this link the best.

Blond Cole is cool.

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oilahize  +   1795d ago
SOAD  +   1795d ago
Justin Timberlake Cole?
doshey  +   1795d ago
NO its chuck Norris cole

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The Great Melon  +   1795d ago
I like this one too. He is different enough to stand out from all the other characters in other games.
Chubear  +   1794d ago
lol, are you kidding me? that cole looks so.. erm, "happy"; like he's a member of the back street boys or something.

Really? after playing inF1 you prefer the back street boys look to the original? I know each to their own but wow

New Cole looks like a younger ol' cole and I'll take that over blondie anyday but that new voice actor just doesn't seem like it'll work right with those who know cole from inF1.

It's going to take some getting used to (like a splinter in the back of your mind every time he talks) but hopefully I'll be able to enjoy this Xter just as much as the first one.
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goflyakite  +   1794d ago
Blond Cole looks more like Paul Walker.

Old Cole looks like a rock.

jerry1972   1795d ago | Spam
jwatt  +   1795d ago
As a fan of the first Infamous, I'm just happy the new Cole resembles the old Cole!
NYPunkster  +   1795d ago
final Cole He looks like a pedophile. lol
King_many_layers  +   1795d ago
And what does a pedophile look like ??

Anybody could be a pedophile
LordMarius  +   1795d ago
Even though I dont like the newest Cole, lets just drop the subject already, the whiners won now let Sucker Punch work on the game
oilahize  +   1795d ago
Damn it...
You're right. :)
TheGamerBible  +   1795d ago
Our fellow iconic characters shall not be altered.
For God made them right the first time and thier image shall not be tainted with unholy changes. The new Cole has been sent to hell and the original creation shall rise once more.
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oilahize  +   1795d ago
I would agree...
IF the newest Cole was the original Cole. Unfortunately, it is not. It is just an older, tortured looking new Cole with AIDS.
Psfan999  +   1795d ago
Dude, you're not really funny anymore. Just sayin'
doshey  +   1795d ago
it not new old cole, its Chuck Norris Cole
xHarvey  +   1795d ago
Lol at the title of this story. It's like a paradox. MARTY! We have to go back to the future!
oilahize  +   1795d ago
Lol.Just what I was going for.
OneSneakyMofo  +   1795d ago
1.21 gigawatts!!!
SKUD  +   1795d ago
manna  +   1795d ago
skip2mylou  +   1795d ago
Get to the DeLoreane
Naughty Dog  +   1795d ago
Question is, is the newest Cole the final design? because I would like to see more hair like the old new Cole.
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Blaine  +   1795d ago
No, it's not final yet.
Especially considering the amount of people still bitching about it.

SP said it's still probably gonna change during the development of the game.
gtsentry  +   1795d ago
SO WERE ALL JUS GUNA THROW AWAY THE OLD COLE u all make me sikkk,r.i.p old cole
King_K  +   1795d ago
First of all
Personally I loved the new Cole without the goatee and scruffy voice but still, was it ever explained why there was a change? I beat inFamous on both Hero and Villian and I do not remember any explanation for this.
gtsentry  +   1795d ago
cole looks gay now,he was a dark hero b4,now there making him where a nice light colored shirt with a smile on his face
King_K  +   1795d ago
Not Gay. Completely different from inFamous 1. Why? I never caught the article aboutn SP explaining the reason behind Cole's transformation.
Blaine  +   1795d ago
So SP brings out a redesigned Cole, and people moan and bitch. They change him again, to look more like the original, AND NOW PEOPLE WANT THE FIRST REDESIGN BACK??

Quote, from the "article": "I mean was it really worth complaining, about the original character, about the second iteration, and now the third, if in the end it still isn't quite right?"

These "articles" need to just fucking stop. Yeah, devs need to listen to their audience, but they also need to know where to draw the line. People don't know what they want, and devs should know that. I hope SP learned their lesson on this, and just STOP listening to the audience about the redesign.

SP: FIGURE OUT WHAT YOUR VISION IS. Then produce it, STICK TO IT, and let people hate if they will, but at least you'll have produced the game you envisioned and, in the end--and I know this because I have faith in you--the game will be BETTER for it.
Corepred4  +   1795d ago
You need to chill out. Lol
Blaine  +   1794d ago
My bad, heat of the moment...
But the amount of artic... opinion pieces on this subject is really annoying me. Mostly because I liked the new direction SP was taking with Cole. But due to the amount of bitching, they did a 180, and now people are just changing their minds?

"Whoops, my bad SP, I guess your redesign was actually OK..." Makes me angry because people need to STFU and let the company do its thing, and SP needs to have the balls to do what it wants.
Neo Nugget  +   1795d ago
"I mean was it really worth complaining, about the original character, about the second iteration, and now the third, if in the end it still isn't quite right?"

This sentence, seems, off to, me.
thebudgetgamer  +   1795d ago
enough about the new/old cole!
FiftyFourPointTwo  +   1795d ago
The winner? Playstation 3 owners. Having the opportunity to play inFAMOUS 1 & 2. :)
ndibu  +   1795d ago
And jailbreak owners that get to play the 1st one for free
At least
Solid_Snakeps3  +   1794d ago
dude just stfu and buy the game... support the developers
raztad  +   1794d ago
Actually ndibu stated something that could be positive at the end. Even if people play the first one for free (pretty cheap nowadays, even more if you get it used) those playing backup copies may end up buying the new one.
devilhunterx  +   1795d ago
Cole >>> Cole Train
Z777  +   1794d ago
the first Cole in the first game always reminded me of Nathan Hale in Resistance lol... The new cole looks similar to the old one in that maybe he gained a little weight, grew some hair and hopefully is evil voice is gone.
Matthew94  +   1794d ago
yeah thats true he is like hale.
Tzuno  +   1794d ago
I think the new look of Cole comes with the change of his sexuality and finaly admits to the world that is GAY. yay gay omg omg i love pink bwuahahahahhhhh!!!
ian72  +   1794d ago
I'm not too bothered what Cole looks like really. As long as the game is great like the first one, thats all that matters to me.
omi25p  +   1793d ago
i prefered old new cole, i just didnt like the voice actor
BannedForNineYears  +   1793d ago
This is a fair comparison image.


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