Haze Hype - Day 7: Better Physics Than Halo And More Vehicles Than BioShock

Before BioShock and Halo fans get up in a ruckus and start throwing bananas at the screen, you might first consider that Haze does have more vehicular and environmental physics, as well as dynamic vehicle damage than the original Halo (i.e., Note that the headline does not read Halo 3 but just Halo). And yes, it does contain more vehicles than BioShock. But then again, no one is going to argue that Haze doesn't have more vehicles than BioShock. Anyway that was just to get the air clear before fanboys take the entire headline out of proportion.

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P4KY B4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

And better A.I. than Frogger

Ri0tSquad4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

But that was pretty dumb........

P4KY B4060d ago

Agreed, Haze should be good.
And it was dumb for the developer to say what he did because it just made him sound like he's insecure.

urban bohemian4060d ago

Free radical are known for their jokes. They are pointing and laughing at the way people discuss video games and everyone elses use of the term 'halo-killer'. They are much more interested in creating great game rather than just creating a game to compare with Halo. Unlike a certian other game that came out for the Playstation 2 a few years back.......has a sequel coming out soon too. Dont know if you've heard of that game ;)

bee24274060d ago

i dont think hes insecure hes just trying to get his name out and advertise his game so ppl actually are aware of it so y not give a shout out to halo 3 and bioshock which are great games he knows ppl will read it

solidt124060d ago

Yeah man what is the point of this post. They are comparing games with nothing in commmon with the AI or vehicles. More Vehicles than Bioshock WTF. People shouldn't post stuff like this because it gives the game a bad rep and this game is going to be great, but stop with the dumb post with the comparisons to Halo or any game cause it make you look like a jack a$$ and be littles the game HAZE.

Gizmo_Logix4059d ago

I'm going to wait for the game. Who knows good (or bad) this game will be.

BlLL GATES4059d ago

this game looks better than any 3fixme game out, and that pos halo

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jay34060d ago

More big words...

I hope they can deliver on all this cheap talk or they're in for a whole world of sh!t.

If they do though then, YAY! Awesome game!

But anyway, let the flame war begin, guys.


I must say, I laughed.

I don't know how this will turn into a flame war, but, Fanboys can do anything.

InMyOpinion4060d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

This used to be a retarded comment from me.

Bazookajoe_834060d ago

Read the article, it only says Halo. Not Halo3.

Kleptic4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

did you guys realise that its a joke?...bioshock's lack of vehicles is the point, and the physics of the original halo?...more dynamic vehicle damage than Halo 1?...are you reading the article?

if you didn't catch that it was a are the exact type of fanboy that free radical is kind of making fun of...

CG4060d ago

Wow than is an amazing achievment LOL, free radical are a bunch of ass holes. All this haze hype has come purely from halo because Haze is so crap that it couldnt generate its own hype, so they have to bash a proven franchise thats sold millions to get attention LOl how pathetic.

candystop4060d ago

If you take the lo off of Halo and ze off of Haze then swap them you get Haze and Halo again! Anyways it sounds as if developers are trying to grab that spot as the must have PS3 game this holiday season which makes since and you can't blame them! Heck look at COD4 and how a developer said they will look identical but just now in the multi player beta video he said they won't but there are times they do lol!

Ahhhh4060d ago

Shhhhhhhh!!..... i hear the fanboys coming!!!!! -.- .. seriously though i agree with P4KY B.. the stuff they said... was just plain stupid.. i honestly(from the little bit iv seen) dont think it will be that great of a game.. to me it looks like a lot of other shooters.. i havent really seen anything spectacular about this game.. correct me if im wrong. is there anything "Great" about this game?