StarCraft II Interview: "We have to appeal to the hardcore players, especially in Korea"

StarCraft II's associate producer Tony Hsu recently got grilled by PC Zone magazine about Blizzard Entertainment's RTS sequel.

CVG: What is it that made the Koreans so mad-keen on StarCraft?

Tony Hsu: Well, they took the game to a totally different level, one that I don't think anybody really expected. They were able to micro-manage everything, and do crazy stunts with units that nobody ever thought could be done. I think the game allowed for a lot of that, and it combined with the factions being really diverse, the timing of the release and the storyline. It was just a mix of those things and it worked its way up.

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djt233992d ago

StarCraft is straight up hardcore you would not find any noob on it
especially in Korea
korea player are crazy

Rooftrellen3991d ago

Starcraft is 100% harcore. You just can't have it any other way. They'll have no problems with that.

My only worry is for the balance, because, so far, it looks like Terran is going to be the best race, by far, and we've only seen a few units.

You have to trust Blizzard, though. They don't make bad games.