Florida Man Charged With Trading Microsoft Points For Pictures… Of Teen Boys

Deputies in Polk County, Florida charged a 22-year-old Polk City man with trading video game points for nude pictures of underage boys. The boy was offered Microsoft Points, usable on Xbox video games, in return for nude photos of himself, according to the release.

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NYPunkster2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Change that to "Trading Microsoft Points For Pictures of Teen Girls" and now you've got something. lol

El_Colombiano2706d ago

You got something alright. Jail time.

NYPunkster2706d ago




You make me ashamed to be Colombian.

lovestospoodge2706d ago

i lol'd when i read "16-year-old-boy"

like, if i were the kids parents id just be pissed at him

Chris3992706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Its easy to point the finger at the - clearly sick - pedophile, but where the Hell were the parents when their teenager was trading naked photos of himself?

And the kid is sixteen, he should have more sense. Unless you're living in a nunnery, most modern kids are sexually aware by the time that they're 14 or 15. The kid must have known on some level, what a penis and nudity were and what he was doing.

There's a lot of blame and negligence in situations like this, and it's not all on the criminal (though, again, what he did was sick and unconscionably wrong).

PopEmUp2706d ago

the boy should know what hes is doing, in fact this boy is older than half of the Xbox users base lol

Chug2706d ago Show
MUNKYPOO2706d ago

They're going to have fun with him in prison. he gets what he deserves

Trebius2706d ago

Sick people like this need to be locked up with the key inside a komodo dragon's stomach.

webeblazing2705d ago

naw u cant do dat cause convicts in prison usual give pervs like this what they deserve. trust me its brutal. 1st cash n extortion 2nd rape 3rd death b4 release if they make it. so we need the COs to open the cells. Its for the greater good lol.

JsonHenry2706d ago

Pfft. If this moron is dumb enough to give me free "gaming money" for pictures then I would take his money all day long.

Seriously, I will show my cock&balls to anyone if they give me money. Easiest gig on the planet. Just ask a stripper as she laughs all the way to the bank.

Supraman2706d ago

Hey is that green ring of life?

SilentNegotiator2706d ago

Poor sixteen year old boy.
There's no way he could have known better. He's defenseless.


sandip7872706d ago

irrefutable proof that all live users are paedophiles

2706d ago
ThanatosDMC2705d ago

BWUAHAHAHAH! That's just sick and funny. I hope he's shamed for life now that he's caught! Sick bastard!

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Spaghett2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Chase him down, string him up.

I predict some pretty stupid comments coming up. Ones with an emphasis on generalizing especially.

Really this dude should have a full castration, penis removed and all. Make him piss through a catheter the rest of his life.

xtremexx2706d ago

when i saw this i just laughed. what boys are so desperate for microsft points they will give pic of themselves. Micrsoft has now become a tool for an illegal thing

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The story is too old to be commented.
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