Rockstar Games have updated the Grand Theft Auto Homepage

Rockstar Games have updated the Grand Theft Auto Homepage

Go check it out.

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GRRiMREEAPeR3933d ago

whatever... its weird this whole delay thing... i LOVED the previous gta's but rockstar is quickly losing its good standing in my head. it seems like they are screwing over the 360 fanbase and making all the fans wait so that they can catch up the ps3 version / make mmoney next quarter.. whichever one it is. it sucks. wow dont they know ALOT of ps2 guys moved over to xbox? they need to get the bigger picture

peksi3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

You're absolutely correct... and guess what, I think you could be the perfect person to tell them just that! I'm sure they could you a visionary like you there. The company's revenue is equivalent to a small country so how could they afford to analyze the real situation with skilled people?

plexdk3933d ago

actually they do see the bigger picture... They have announced exclusive ps3 titles, haven't they? hehe.. *runs*

happyjimmy3933d ago

There is nothing wrong with the ps3 or 360 version. They just need more time to finish it. Stop blaming the consoles.

AngryHippo3933d ago

bubbles for you. I don't understand, surely the fact that the developer are spending more time with the game, getting rid of bugs and defects within the game is a good thing right?! obviously not to some people on this site. I just don't understand the logic of some people, they would rather it came out in october even if the quality of the game was lacking?! makes no sense, good on rockstar for delaying the game, screw microsoft and sony, release the game only when its finished and of a high quality standard, then everyone will be happy, plenty of games in the mean time for both systems.

plexdk3933d ago

oh and btw, calm down.. its just a freaking delay.. there are plenty of games out when we reach fall..

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The story is too old to be commented.