AU Xbox 360 Price Cuts Confirmed

The price-drop applies to both versions of the console currently on Australian shelves

Xbox 360 Core Console (RRP AU$399.95) Includes the Xbox 360 Core console, Xbox 360 Controller and Composite AV cable.

Xbox 360 Pro System (RRP AU$579.95): Includes the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system, 20GB Hard Drive, Wireless Controller, Media Remote, Component HD AV cable, an Ethernet Connectivity Cable and a complimentary 30-day trial Xbox Live Gold membership.

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the_bebop4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

First post.

Until the 360 with the new hardware and HDMI becomes available here, and Eternal Sonata as well as Lost Odyssey is available I wont be buying it, but that is just what I am wating for.

My personal oppinion is this won't have much of an effect on sales here just like the PS3 because, these prices cuts have already been done here already buy the shops, as well as they have alot of package deals already.

jinn4057d ago

the united states is always one step ahead and that's what makes us good americans. lol

djt234057d ago

core system suck and you know it