Microsoft to Release 1st-Party Games on DS?

In this article, Gameplayer examines how Microsoft could benefit from porting a number of their brands onto the Nintendo DS and how such an act could help the X360 defeat the PS3. It suggests that Viva Pinata DS is a sign of things to come.

"if Marijuana is the gateway to harder drugs, then the DS is the gateway to harder gaming, and it's breeding a new generation of interactive addicts."

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Gizmo_Logix3632d ago

"The Verdict: Microsoft should be the DS's bi*ch."

That about sums it up...

texism3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

First you call the competitor's console a gimmick, then several months after it sells really well, you decide to release first party titles on its system? No, just no. I don't think MS would do that.

iceice1233633d ago

If M$ said that it was probably about the true gimick that is sixaxis.

jinn3633d ago

as long as viva pinata goes to nintendo it's alright with me, but halo could never.

Gizmo_Logix3632d ago


GameSpot: It's looking like the Wii won't be direct competition for the Xbox or PlayStation 3. Do you agree?

Peter Moore: In a lot of instances, it will be a No. 2 box because it's priced accordingly. The fear I would have is that people will buy the box and only play a few games. I think you'll pull it out at parties. It's fun for a few minutes, but I'm not sure (how long that will last).

Marty83703633d ago

The only benefit MS could see in doing this, is getting MS gaming studio back in profit. It would'nt win them the console war.

gods army3633d ago

This is a great idea, it will increase support for 360 in the long run. Honestly how many people know about viva piñata, this game would be perfect for the DS. And hell why not sell halo on the DS. It would be a cash cow!

The DS and the 360, Wii, PS3 is not one market. They are completely different.

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The story is too old to be commented.