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dkblackhawk502851d ago

Like the metroid advertisement :P but on topic, the game looks sweet :D

wohoo2851d ago

Does appear to be a noticeable improvement over the beta, doesn't it...Now I'm all interested again. Hopefully there'll be a multiplayer demo.

HSx92851d ago

The person who made this trailer should have played as the taliban for massive free advertisement on FOX news.

theKiller2851d ago


i am looking forward to take see the taliban fighting!! since they already winning the war in afghanistan!!

SOAD2851d ago

"why they didnt show the taliban fighting?
racist!! "

The Taliban is not a race.

Damn, people on this site throw that word around a lot.

maruyuki2851d ago

uhhh... he obviously didn't think the taliban was a race.

he was talking about arabs

and maybe that word is "thrown around" because its actually a real issue?

SOAD2851d ago

It's not an issue. There's always some group of people, not a race but an ideological group of people who are going to have a problem with something that someone does.

It's a non-issue because anyone could have predicted that someone somewhere would be offended by the inclusion of the Taliban in a game.

socomnick2851d ago

It still looks like shit. Looks just like the beta did terrible game.

DICE really needs to hire new talent they have truly gone down the drain. Their best game this gen is bf 1943 a downloadable game. Everything else is pure crap.

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gtamike2851d ago

Hated the beta so this is a rent to be safe. (Try first)

nickjkl2851d ago

was he even trying to kill anyone it was like anyone who came across his cross hairs was dead

i guess im sticking with killzone 2 for my fps fix

BX812851d ago

LMAO! You're not gonna give this game a try because you couldn't hang with this guy? I guess spawn camping would be less work!

Soldierone2851d ago

@BX81 But but but but....Spawn camping takes skill! Your just mad you couldnt get into our base and spawn camp us! *Rage quits after he gets spawn camped the next game*

Haha (and no im not bashing Killzone, it was more of the idiots on MW2)

BX812851d ago

@ Soldier one You fail buddy! If you take MW2 and KZ2 and ask 100 gamers what game involves more spawn camping guess which one they'll pick!

PS. "But but but but" is lame as hell!

nickjkl2851d ago

technically bxb1 since modern warfare 2 is the best selling fps of all times you're more likely to find a gamer that hasnt played killzone 2 multiplayer

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Thatguy-3102851d ago

it does look sweet but hopefully they added a killcam and fixed the delayed when you were got quite annoying and frustrating,,,however im still getting this game day one i can care less for the multiplayer though the single player is the part that looks promising

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MGRogue20172851d ago

The guy playing on the video is a One Many Army.. His team members are just there for lols :D

BX812851d ago

It's like he just walks around at a slow pace killing at will!

JeffGUNZ2851d ago

Is it me or does it look JUST like Battlefied Bad Company 2? I know DICE did the multiplayer, but come on, everything from the grenade toss looks identical.

saint_john_paul_ii2851d ago

well, they are using the frostbite engine for the multiplayer.

El-Fenemeno12132851d ago

Just got excited for this game once again =D