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Medal of Honor 'multiplayer experience' trailer

TVGB: "EA starts MOH video series" (Medal of Honor, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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dkblackhawk50  +   1426d ago
Like the metroid advertisement :P but on topic, the game looks sweet :D
wohoo  +   1426d ago
Does appear to be a noticeable improvement over the beta, doesn't it...Now I'm all interested again. Hopefully there'll be a multiplayer demo.
HSx9  +   1426d ago
The person who made this trailer should have played as the taliban for massive free advertisement on FOX news.
theKiller  +   1426d ago
why they didnt show the taliban fighting?

i am looking forward to take see the taliban fighting!! since they already winning the war in afghanistan!!
SOAD  +   1426d ago
"why they didnt show the taliban fighting?
racist!! "

The Taliban is not a race.

Damn, people on this site throw that word around a lot.
maruyuki  +   1426d ago
uhhh... he obviously didn't think the taliban was a race.

he was talking about arabs

and maybe that word is "thrown around" because its actually a real issue?
SOAD  +   1426d ago
It's not an issue. There's always some group of people, not a race but an ideological group of people who are going to have a problem with something that someone does.

It's a non-issue because anyone could have predicted that someone somewhere would be offended by the inclusion of the Taliban in a game.
socomnick  +   1426d ago
It still looks like shit. Looks just like the beta did terrible game.

DICE really needs to hire new talent they have truly gone down the drain. Their best game this gen is bf 1943 a downloadable game. Everything else is pure crap.
NYPunkster  +   1426d ago
Higher quality version. Day 1 for buy.
gtamike  +   1426d ago
Hated the beta so this is a rent to be safe. (Try first)
nickjkl  +   1426d ago
was he even trying to kill anyone it was like anyone who came across his cross hairs was dead

i guess im sticking with killzone 2 for my fps fix
BX81  +   1426d ago
LMAO! You're not gonna give this game a try because you couldn't hang with this guy? I guess spawn camping would be less work!
Soldierone  +   1426d ago
@BX81 But but but but....Spawn camping takes skill! Your just mad you couldnt get into our base and spawn camp us! *Rage quits after he gets spawn camped the next game*

Haha (and no im not bashing Killzone, it was more of the idiots on MW2)
BX81  +   1426d ago
@ Soldier one You fail buddy! If you take MW2 and KZ2 and ask 100 gamers what game involves more spawn camping guess which one they'll pick!

PS. "But but but but" is lame as hell!
nickjkl  +   1426d ago
technically bxb1 since modern warfare 2 is the best selling fps of all times you're more likely to find a gamer that hasnt played killzone 2 multiplayer
Psfan999  +   1426d ago
Soooooooooo staged
dboyc310  +   1426d ago
it does look sweet but hopefully they added a killcam and fixed the delayed when you were killed..it got quite annoying and frustrating,,,however im still getting this game day one i can care less for the multiplayer though the single player is the part that looks promising
theonlylolking  +   1426d ago
That looks so much fun.
enkeixpress  +   1426d ago
The guy playing on the video is a One Many Army.. His team members are just there for lols :D
BX81  +   1426d ago
It's like he just walks around at a slow pace killing at will!
JeffGUNZ  +   1426d ago
Is it me or does it look JUST like Battlefied Bad Company 2? I know DICE did the multiplayer, but come on, everything from the grenade toss looks identical.
saint_john_paul_ii  +   1426d ago
well, they are using the frostbite engine for the multiplayer.
El-Fenemeno1213  +   1426d ago
Just got excited for this game once again =D
Trunkz Jr  +   1426d ago
Meh.. Battlefield with less Teamplay, the knifing looks faster tho, wish they had that in BFBC2 (tho I'd rather it be BF2 style).
dragonyght  +   1426d ago
i guess you haven't the beta to be surprise how you are so wrong
B00M  +   1426d ago
Damn annoys me that its exactly the same as Bad Company 2. Even the reticle looks the same. And all the animations are the same. Quite lazy if you ask me. Will these be different in single player?
the-show-stopper  +   1426d ago
its DICE doing the multiplayer wat do u expect
dragonyght  +   1426d ago
don't let that fool you believe me you will retract your statement ofter 1 session its tight, its faster and yes i dare say it its more tactical apparently this stage demonstration doesn't do the game justice
chidori666  +   1426d ago
I liked the feel of the controls Hopefully have the same controls in final build of MOH.
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getonmylev3l  +   1426d ago
Probably get this to hold me off until AC:brotherhood and Black Ops
TheColbertinator  +   1426d ago
Medal of Honor looks effin sweet.I'm so glad its returning
Prcko  +   1426d ago
This is awesome!
I was cod fan,but i stopped playing,and i won't buy any other cod game because i am sick of it,so moh i coming day 1!!!
supremacy  +   1426d ago
same here
i feel as though call of duty is overrated, this game looks interesting.

well halo in a couple of weeks, and killzone 3 socom, and resistance 3 next year.

GT5 this November and infamous 2 next year cant wait for these and marvel vs capcom 3 of course.
Graphics  +   1426d ago
This confirms a no buy from me.
B00M  +   1426d ago
any reason?
Graphics  +   1426d ago
I don't like how the guns move around so much while you moving, FPS with movement in the hands get me dizzy which is why i rarely play them.
B00M  +   1426d ago
Ah right fair play.
SoulMisaki  +   1426d ago
My brother says the same thing
I think it makes it more realistic, part of the reason why I like Battlefield Bad Company 2 more than Modern Warfare 2.

He says that it makes him dizzy, and I didn't believe him 'till I saw you saying the same thing.
Checkmate  +   1426d ago
looks orchestrated.
B00M  +   1426d ago
Yeah know what you mean. The Bad Company 2 trailers were exactly the same. That guy would have died a few times throughout the video.
the-show-stopper  +   1426d ago
they wanted to show off a lot of stuff altho one death wouldnt have hurt
Omar91  +   1426d ago
wow that looks amazing.
Spinitus  +   1426d ago
no thanx
this shit looks exactly like battlefield:bc2. the team making the single player should've also made the multiplayer part of the game with their engine, and not handed it over to dice.
Gamer_Z  +   1426d ago
Wait so who made the campaign? and why would use two different devs to make campaign and multiplayer.
joydestroy  +   1426d ago
there are lots of reasons that could be the answer to your question...
shorter dev time, one team concentrating on one part making quality better, maybe one dev didn't have time to do both, etc...

that guy owned everyone in that vid
Microsoft_Spokesman  +   1426d ago
EA LA is making the singleplayer and Dice is making the multiplayer.
xc7x  +   1426d ago
what's wrong with it looking like BFBC2,that's a awesome game,the more the merrier if your a shooter gamer. that's like saying why have BFBC2 when we had BFBC,it looks the same. you should be happy we're getting more,not less.
Microsoft_Spokesman  +   1426d ago
But it's a different IP
Microsoft_Spokesman  +   1426d ago
Looks like it plays just like BFBC. Even at 1:45ish the siren sounds exactly like BFBC.
the-show-stopper  +   1426d ago
u do know dice is doing multiplayer rite
Microsoft_Spokesman  +   1426d ago
I know.
Ve3tro  +   1426d ago
Anyone have a better quality version?
BigKev45  +   1426d ago
I'll stick to Reach & Black Ops.
Jack-Pyro  +   1426d ago
B00M  +   1426d ago
So basically the multiplayer is just new maps and some new weapons for Bad Company 2... Not impressed
jerry1972   1426d ago | Spam
xc7x  +   1426d ago
i like.
xc7x  +   1426d ago
i hate disagree bitches when they're not man enough to show themselves,bitches!!
unknown100  +   1426d ago
lol 5 disagrees :)
xc7x  +   1426d ago
all from your multiple accounts i assume..you're a funny guy,not. however this proves my point and everyone is scared to post after i said it.
xtremeimport  +   1426d ago
I was not a fan of the beta, but this level atleast already looks visually better.
im glad they added the swap weapon in game option and got the screen fix.

but yeah, the visuals are already better IMO.
the-show-stopper  +   1426d ago
u must have really good eyes to see the visual improvement cause the quality of that vid was horrid
finbars75  +   1426d ago
go to meadal of honor .com.The video is much clearer and actually looks really good.There is alot of chnages which I can see making the game pretty sweet.I will say is that I like both BFBC and COD but combining them together was a great idea and will give you a much more satisfaction of how multiplayer should go.
Fanb0y  +   1426d ago
I expect this to be PC footage played using the controller.

So don't get too hyped over the graphics yet.
Soldierone  +   1426d ago
STUPID SHOTGUNS! Already can tell the shotguns will ruin this game, just like every noob that gets a shotgun in any online game made. He shot a guy like 20 feet away with one shot and perfect aim...

Other than that, this looks godly and i cant wait.
the-show-stopper  +   1426d ago
well at least you cant hold two shotguns at once lol
BX81  +   1426d ago
You have clearly never shot anyone with a shotgun in real life. It's will touch them trust me! At least you can't go akimbo!
#23.2 (Edited 1426d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ambientFLIER  +   1426d ago
Real shotguns have a range past 20 feet...
AllroundGamer  +   1426d ago
wow this was the first time i saw a multiplayer gameplay video, that was staged and acted like singleplayer gameplay experience (and the player was almost invincible...), which is a bad thing IMHO...
BX81  +   1426d ago
I agree, it almost felt staged to me. I think a lot of games do this just to show off the environments and weapons in the multiplayer. I guess they want you to feel like, if this guy can go on a 80 kill streak I can at least get a 40ks! Or maybe the guy is really that good and will eat us for lunch on mp!
oguzsasi  +   1426d ago
Im speachless!
Grimhammer00  +   1426d ago
@ Soldier one
Depends on what your are meaning? See, in real life...Shotguns are far better than in most FPS games. Range on a Police grade Shotty is 70 metres! That's not even adding slugs instead of spray. You can add another 50 metres with moderate accuracy. then their are modifications like extended barrels, constrained choke (which allows for a tighter spread at range) etc.

My point is...these games have to create realism without making one weapon better than the rest so much that it becomes relied on by players.

But, I get pissed when I shoot a fool 20 metres away and he turns...runs at me and knifes me. (MW2)

What to do? LOL
bigboss911  +   1426d ago
I can knock down a plywood structure with a 20gauge from 50 away. Im sure a military grade shotgun can kill someone from twenty feet away... So i second your dislike of shotguns in mw. but the ones in Bf:bc2 is beyond crazy. i can snipe with slugs in the 870. its way too op. so i hope MH will be different.
Dawn_Of_Ashes  +   1426d ago
lol its not moh its a bfbc video...
macalatus  +   1426d ago
My fellow Sony gamers, come MOH's release date, we would all be loving the smell of napalm-flavored, dead Taliban bodies as it would smell like "Victory"! HOOAH!!

Sony Gamers Lead the Way!
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supremacy  +   1426d ago
ahh im liking this game and all but..
Sony gamers are actually waiting for Sony exclusives, we don't march behind a game unless its an exclusive title to our beloved console.

you know the littlebigplanets, GT5, Socom, killzone 3, resistance 3, infamous 2 ect.
Wii360BeatsPS3  +   1426d ago
Release date is smack in the middle of Halo and Black Ops. I think this game looks decent, nothing there that's going to stop it getting slaughtered sales wise by the games I mentionede. I think this release date is a disaster. Game needed to launch soon after Bad Company 2 if they wanted it to avoid Halo and COD.
Wii360BeatsPS3  +   1426d ago
Oh yeah and that is the most over powered shotty I've ever seen. WTF
ambientFLIER  +   1426d ago
Why, because it has a real life range to it?
supremacy  +   1426d ago
bro you shouldn't stress it, most people on here are used to those arcade type shooters with them boosters and 10 feet knife kills and i don't mean knife throws either.

don't waste your time, all i know is im getting this game day one the exclusive limited edition for sure. personally im tired of call of duty.
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