MMORPG players not socially introverted, says study

Researchers found that three quarters of gamers make good friends with the people they meet online. Almost half have met in real-life situations, and one in ten went on to develop physical relationships.

Gamers played an average of 22.85 hours per week. The most popular MMORPG in the study was World of Warcraft.

The study also determined that more than 30 per cent of gamers found themselves attracted to another player, and that 40 per cent chose to discuss sensitive issues with online friends rather than real-life friends.

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happyjimmy3989d ago

yeah right. If you can invent a retarded word like pwn then you have no sex life. end of story.

Bolts3989d ago

Since you have no idea what you're talking about, do shut the hell up. "Pwn" originated from PC FPS fans then spread to the rest of the online world. So if you're going to hate then get your facts straight before you start blaming court reporters for stuff like WTF and LMAO.

Rooted_Dust3989d ago

Do you even know the origin of "pwned"? It was simply a typographical error when PC gamers were playing online and they would try to type the word "owned", but missed the "O" and hit "P" instead. It happened so often that the word "pwned" just caught on. Also your whole Geek ripping on other Geeks thing is a bit redundant.

Marceles3988d ago

Rooted is right. Now pwn is used as an even greater form of getting owned. You didn't just get owned, you got pwned