Five Alternatives to StarCraft 2

"It’s rather an understatement to say StarCraft fever has swept the gaming community these last couple of weeks. For those of you looking for more Sci-fi RTS games to play, or for an alternative to StarCraft 2, here’s five other great games to try; full to the brim with lasers, robots and spaceships."

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TheSanchezDavid2794d ago

It's funny, the only RTS game I play IS StarCraft. Still, these all look like they have their own appeal. They're not trying to take away from StarCraft, and they provide a great alternative.

Darkfiber2794d ago

Wow, that comment sounded really ignorant. The entire RTS genre does not revolve around StarCraft. Try testing the waters outside of your Blizzard safety net and play something fresh and original. Who knows, maybe you'll actually like it.

I always find it funny when Blizzard fanboys only play Blizzard games. They are missing out on so much more from gaming, particularly in the case of StarCraft 2 which is almost identical to its predecessor. It offers nothing new, no innovation, it's the same old crap in a shiny new coat of paint and everyone is eating it up. I will never understand it.

Caspel2794d ago

Warhammer 40k is a great alternative.

jzungre2794d ago

yeah Red alert 2 baby!

athmaus2794d ago

love me some red alert 2....but now that sc2 is out...dont think i will be loading that game up for a while :)

TomFG2793d ago

I was torn between including Red Alert 2 and Empire at War. Red Alert 2 is easily the better game, But Empire At War is easily the best Star Wars RTS, and I just love it. Definite special mention to Red Alert 2 though. Especially the music. And Tanya.

athmaus2794d ago

noooo star craft 2 forever!!! hahaha...thx for alts though....:)

El_Colombiano2794d ago

There is no alternative to Starcraft!

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