New finger guards protect delicate digits

By all means, feel free to check the calendar - it's well past April 01, and these slip-on finger guards are the real deal. Known simply as "the Gamer's Shield", they strap around each middle finger, and supposedly prevent the chafing and bruising of said digits as they rub against controllers during gameplay.

According to the official site, they're manufactured from "comfortable, stretchable, breathable, and padded" material, retail for under $4 (£2/€3) a pair, and come in five different colours for the more discerning, er, wearer of finger protectors.

It's official, the world has gone MAD!

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DirtyRat3905d ago

If you need these you need to take a break from gaming!

mighty_douche3905d ago

totally agree mate! what a pointless piece of crap!

happyjimmy3905d ago

just no. Its not worth 4$ its not even worth .04$ RETARDED

syko883905d ago

this has got to be one of the dumbest gaming 'accesories' i've ever seen