NXT Gamer: Hands-On Preview of Medal of Honor

NXT Gamer's Matty was in London this week getting his hands-on with EA's upcoming Medal of Honor game, and divulges his thoughts on the game:

"The Apache Helicopter mission that was shown to us earlier was also available to play and I was extremely eager to get my hands on it, to see if it played as good as it looked and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. This part of the game was extremely engaging, with my eyes flicking all over the screen searching for any enemy movements and once again, the audio really submerged me into the gameplay."

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NYPunkster2762d ago

"Got some extremely sneaky knife attacks (or an axe if you’re a member of the enemy team)."

Oh shit!

frankymv2762d ago

EA should release this game in early september to fill the gaming void that is upon us.

the-show-stopper2762d ago

this just keeps on getting better and better

EricNorthman2762d ago

I have mixed fellings for this game..

Anti-Fanboyer2762d ago

they actually got Chris Ryan to work with them.

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