Enough with the Game of the Year Editions

There was a time when buying a game was s simple thing. You went to the store, looked through the game selection for the console you had, and made your selection. This went unchanged until the end of the PS2/X-box/GameCube days. It was a typical case of it isn't broke, why fix it. Then, with the launch of the PS3 and X-box 360, console games moved closer to PC's; we received games that would require an occasional patch or two to make it run smoother, or prevent people from exploiting glitches that could allow them to cheat online. Sadly, all this was too much of a good thing, and like dark clouds on a summer's day, dlc came along and changed everything. My problems with dlc aside (I'll save that for another rant), something I did not expect came along with it. That something was the repackaged Game of the Year editions.

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2792d ago
ManBearPork2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

So this guy is just saying that he hates goty editions because he doesn't have the patience to wait for them?
Fallout 3 goty was great: 30 bucks instead 60 + 50 for dlc
Right now i'm waiting for some sort of complete edition of ME2 and AW because these games get spammed with dlc

I buy good online games day 1, with single player games i can even wait for a couple of years.

vickers5002792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Yeah, I just bought the GoTY Fallout 3 like 2 or 3 weeks ago. Amazing game, but I do not regret waiting 2 years for it.

Had I bought Fallout 3 when it released, I would have definitely been overwhelmed by all the other games coming out at the time, and Fallout 3 wouldn't have gotten a proper fully focused playthrough.

Online games you kind of have to play as soon as they are released, because they die after like a year, or get filled up with experts who make the game unbalanced for newcomers.

I'm glad I waited for Fallout 3 GoTY, I only paid 40 bucks for a new copy, and it provided me with about 100 hours of entertainment.

For that reason, I'm going to wait on purchasing New Vegas. I'll wait for the GoTY edition, since Fallout New Vegas is likely to have a lot of glitches at launch, and is likely to have a lot of dlc released for it.

JX10A2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

The FO3 GOTY content was awesome but that buggy mess of a game. The vanilla version was buggy when your saves became large. But with the extra content of goty, fo3 bugs went beyond ignorable (Acceptable it never were, and it's a shame the game magazines don't make a bigger deal out of it).

Shame on bethesda, and even worse for still not fixing it.

djfullshred2792d ago

I agree it was pretty bad - for me on the PS3. I personally think they pulled a fast one on PS3 owners by releasing DLC that is not even suitable for commercial sale, from a quality standpoint. I guess there is money & politics behind all that, because normally Sony doesn't allow broken games to be sold on the PSN.

A Cupcake for Gabe2792d ago

Well Dragon Age has about $70 or more worth of DLC, and it keeps coming. So getting the Ultimate Edition will be well worth it.

Lifendz2792d ago

I think it's pretty smart to do this. After a game is out for a few months and DLC starts to drop, people that don't have the game are probably looking at the used version so they can get the DLC and pay what they would've paid had they got the game brand new. GOTY edition allows the pubs/devs to get those people to maybe look at paying full price. Works for both sides imo.

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Reibooi2792d ago

Yeah I love GOTY editions of games. It's always nice to get the original game + most of the DLC for cheap then it would have been if you bought it day one.

Lets also not forget that there are places in the country and world in general that play games yet still don't have internet access and for those people the DLC is impossible to obtain if a GOTY edition never comes out.

Kurt Russell2792d ago

I bought Fallout 3 about 1 month before the mention of its GOTY counterpart... fortunatly its taken me months to get through it thoroughly, and I've bought the DLC's all seperate... I feel I jipped myself a bit on that one, but the game being so incredible stops me cutting my dick off.

Any other game with GOTY and the above circumstances I would probably be a a chick now... I consider myself fortunate, and shall be learning from my mistakes in future!


Weaksauce11382792d ago

Yea I don't get the article, the guy says enough of GOTY editions because he is passing up first releases of the games because he finds the value of the GOTY editions too tempting. I think they are a blessing to this budget gamer, he is just mad he doesn't have the expendable income to be an early adopter. Can't this same argument be said about console redesigns and price cuts and games reducing in price after a few months?

Sarcasm2792d ago

GOTY Editions are not a problem, the real culprit is DLC.

There's an unusual big push now for "Exclusive DLC" or "Day one DLC" now. It's nonsense. If they make DLC, just let all platforms have it. And if it's "Day one DLC" why not include it in the original game.

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OhReginald2792d ago

game of the year editions rock. This guy has to shut his trap. Batman AA goty and fallout goty, and littlebigplanet goty editions are great for people that never got a chance to play the games. And it comes with a crap load of extra features adding more re playability. And last but not least, its on the disc, not some bull crap DLC you have to download.

MonopolyRSV2792d ago

Fallout GOTY was a buggy mess. If I was Bethesda I would be ashamed and cry at my desk every day for that monstrosity.

On the other hand, Oblivion GOTY is impecable. Don't know how they could get one right and the other so wrong, especially since the engines are so closely related.

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