Halo 3: Spartan Helmet sighted at Canadian Toys "R" Us

Among the goodies that's going to be shipped in Halo 3's much-anticipated Legendary Edition package, one that's been turning heads lately is the to-be-included Spartan Helmet (a non-working replica, of course).

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ChaosKnight4054d ago

Actually one of the EB Games here in Winnipeg has one too... I just want to take it... but that wound be wrong. =P

GoLeafsGo4054d ago

Tehehe...I work for a shipping company, and about a month or so back, I saw a Halo3 box, and my curiosity got the best of me, as I opened the box to find the helmet.

Of course, I put it back. C'mon. How am I gonna sneak it out? Say I'm pregnant? Pfft.

Besides, that's jail time, buddy!

Jdash244054d ago

how big was the helmet, was it like a scaled down replica? or was actually big enough to wear?

The Chief of Mjolnir4053d ago

Hehe, don´t get any funny ideas about the helmet. I´ve read somewhere that it´s too small even for a baby. Besides, it´s shaped to fit just the dics on the inside.

jinn4053d ago

what's better than playing halo 3 with a spartan helmet on?

Optimus Prime4053d ago

here in regina at one of the EB games, i saw it also.

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