GTA: San Andreas Stories Confirmed?

A billboard in Vice City Stories for the PSP appears to reference to a new GTA game for PSP.

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FordGTGuy4059d ago

they already confirmed that there will not be a San Andreas Stories.

cain1414059d ago

The article linked states Rockstar has stated they have no plans for a further game, but that they may be waiting. I don't know how much clout this rumor has, but it is worth hearing about.

AznSniper4059d ago

actually the PSP installments have sold well over a million copies each worldwide if u go by VGChartz

MikeGdaGod4059d ago

psp versions of gta have been some of the bast games on psp so far

aslucher4059d ago

well GTA on the psp is the greatest... playing GTA on the go? c'mon! how can't you like/want that? i play it for hours, during school... works great for classtime fun! haha

Shaka2K64059d ago

This would be sweet and now with the new Slim PSP and the 333mhz it will be even better then GTA-VCS like thats possible damn good stuff.

ALIEN4059d ago

Why it's called GTA: San Andres stories? why don't they just call it GTA: San Andreas?

XENOCIDE4059d ago

I doubt they're going to release another "stories" GTA. After playing through the first two (Vice City Stores n' Liberty City Stories), I don't think I'd be interested in another regardless. And while they may have done well on the PSP, on the PS2 VC Stories was the worst selling GTA in the history of the series (last I read).

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The story is too old to be commented.