COD4: Beta Features Interview

Learn about the create-a-class options, class perks, maps, and weaponry you'll be able to unlock in the multiplayer beta.

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MoonDust4023d ago

so there is not reason for me to put this under PC/PS3

toughNAME4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

am i the only one who HATES COD multiplayer?

2 and 3 i didnt like..and 4 is looking more of the same..i get a headache just watching it

the previous COD's i have gotten for the historical aspect
but with COD4 its made i think ill take a pass on this game

might aswell go for the beta tho:P

The Real Joker4022d ago

This game is coming out for both don't have to hate it or bash it as if it was a 360 title only.

AngryHippo4023d ago

...looks really promising, im glad all versions will be near enough indistinguishable from each other. Multiplayer on COD games is fun, COD3 multiplayer wasnt as good as COD2 multiplayer neither was the single player. But now IW is back on COD4 it should live up to or better the COD2 experience. Can't wait.

rev204022d ago

Personally, the greatest multiplayer war fps which i still play today imo.

Is Medal of honor allied assault on pc shame EA ruined everyone of them since there is no doubting call of duty has taken over from the moh franchise now.

lets hope this one is great :)

solidt124022d ago

PS3 and Xbox version will be graphically identical from Infinity Ward mouth. They posted this yesterday and everyone doubted.

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